The Wind Singer by William Nicholson (10/13)

This is another dystopian children’s novel that has lessons applicable for people of all ages. The story is set in a universe in which individuals are divided into castes based upon intelligence test scores. Citizens’ test scores are used to dictate what jobs they can perform, who they can socialize with, where they can live, and what they can wear. As a disability rights activist, this book feels especially important to me. Our society has a long history of institutionalizing, abusing, and discriminating against people diagnosed with intellectual disabilities due to low IQ scores. We often divide people based on how intelligent they are perceived to be. It is so important to read texts that challenge the notion that a person’s worth can be measured by their intelligence or a test score.

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Contributor: Emily Cutler from Cognitive Liberty Coaching and Consulting

Written by Taegan Lion

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