Motherless Child by Glen Hirshberg (8/13)

This book tells the story of Rosa, a girl growing up in an America where the white people have all left the cities to form the Unincorporated States, leaving the people of color to manage the Corporation of the United States of America (CUSA).  Rosa’s mother has lost her job, leaving the family vulnerable to automatic life termination. The family decides to make the dangerous trek by bus from the Atlanta hub to the DC hub across the wild countryside. Unfortunately, halfway across, the bus is waylaid by bandits from Virgilina, and in the ensuing chaos, Rosa is separated from the group and her parents.  In the company of a drug-worshipper, another escapee from the caravan, she stumbles upon Ascension, a town not far from Richmond.  The town takes her in, but her arrival stirs up secrets that were better left alone.

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Contributor: Adam Cole from Adam Cole Works

Written by Taegan Lion

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