Sony MX 10 Mark IV (7/7)

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The camera I just came back from Africa with is the Sony MX 10 Mark IV. This is a bridge camera with one lens that ranges from 28mm to 600mm that every review site gives high marks for its speed, light sensitivity and versatility. It allows for many presets for action/bird photos as well as portrait and landscape images. The only drawback for some may be the weight due to the glass Zeiss lens.

This is a mirrorless camera with up to 24 raw photos per second but can also shoot 4K video, too. Fast writing memories cards are suggested for this.

I recommend this Sony camera highly and have never been disappointed. I took 7000 pictures in 22 days in South Africa and got tremendous close ups of wildlife, flowers and scenery. Only accessories I bought were extra batteries, a dual battery charger and a UV filter to protect the lens.

Contributor: Mitch Krayton, CTA Krayton Travel

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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