Bigger Than This by Fabian Geyrhalter (7/16)

In his latest book “*Bigger Than This: How To Turn Any Venture Into An Admired Brand*”, Fabian Geyrhalter challenges companies to discover their spark and connect with today’s consumers on a deeper level. Geyrhalter was inspired to write “Bigger Than This” after studying commodity brands that people go crazy for in today’s age of innovation. He was fascinated to realize that companies offering commodities — products that people don’t necessarily need more of in the marketplace, and that see no innovation in functionality or design — were flourishing. All of these companies had only two things in common that created their success: fantastic brand thinking and a truly authentic story to tell.

Geyrhalter felt there was a lot to learn from these brands, even for an established brand that may have lost its authenticity along the way. His book focuses on the traits he saw in these companies and how they can be re-infused into any brand that wants to connect more deeply with its audience.

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Contributor: Krista Loew from Orca Communications

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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