ASUS VivoBook Flip TP203NA – Under £250 (1/5)

ASUS VivoBook Flip TP203NA - Under £250


  • Processor: Dual-core 2.7GHz Intel Celeron N3050;
  • RAM: 2GB;
  • Storage: 32GB;
  • Screen resolution: 1,366 x 768;
  • Weight: 1.2Kg

We get it, college and universities are expensive, and student loan can only cover so much. Which is why you’ll find this cheap laptop, under £250, an absolute blessing for your daily needs. So if you’re looking for a small, light, portable laptop, for this price, you can’t beat it.

With an Intel Celeron processor, you should not expect blistering performance, but this laptop is ideal for your average software use and of course internet browsing. Research shows that battery life isn’t too shabby either, so at under £250, you get your moneys worth.

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