Cool-Jams Moisture Wicking Travel Sleepwear (30/66)

Cool-jams travel sleepwear can make sleeping while traveling so much more comfortable. Here’s why:

  • Cool-jams lightweight moisture-wicking fabric helps restful sleep by regulating body heat. The fibers in the sleepwear pull heat and moisture to the surface of the fabric where it quickly evaporates and helps to keep the body temperature regulated. It feels like cotton, is lightweight and silky to the touch.
  • Cool-jams sleepwear is perfect for the traveler because it’s compact, wrinkle resistant and quick drying-in fact testing shows that it is the fastest drying fabric in the world (4X faster than cotton). We’ve also built in a natural antibacterial component to keep the sleepwear fresh and odor free. These features are all very important requirements for travel clothing.
  • The pajamas are comfortable for either warm or cool climates, summer or winter seasons. When it’s hot, the pajamas draw excess heat and moisture away from the body and when the temperatures get cooler, the pajamas still feel warm and cozy.

Cool-jams Sleepwear offers a variety of moisture-wicking, quick-dry pajama styles and colors for men and women in sizes S-3X. Prices range from $29 for separates to $129 for a 3 piece set.

Contributor: Anita Mahaffey from Cool-jams Inc.

Written by Ben Skute

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