The New Manager’s Workbook: A Crash Course in Effective Management (9/46)

Almost by accident, I came across Randy Clark’s New Manager’s Workbook. When I opened and viewed the contents, I realized that my outline (brainstorming) had 9 chapters devoted to deficiencies I recognized. Then, when I read the material, I realized how brilliantly put together his book was! Randy saved me many months of work, and he did a fantastic job on the material. I have made this tool available for the company’s new managers with great reviews.

This is very much a crash course that is perfect for that person who gets thrown into a management role and wants to find early success. For what it is, the New Manager’s Workbook is perfect. It reduces the high-level and complex theories associated with leadership, theories of motivation, and understanding human behavior, to a manageable, easy-to-follow, readily-available, progressive resource to effectively manage people.

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Contributors: Randy Clark from TKO Graphix

Written by Ben Skute

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