Be Early To The Interview (20/20)

In person meetings. This can be one or a series of multitudes over a span of a few weeks. Always show up 15 minutes early. Bring pen and a small, fresh notebook.

Dress nicely but gauge the culture and situation. If it’s a fintech startup where you notice after creeping on instagram that the company comes to work in button downs and slacks with dress shoes and no visible tattoos, don’t roll in wearing cut offs and sandals showing off your upper arm sleeve.

Even if the startup has team members that come to work with holes in their jeans, nose rings, and band tee shirts, that is their culture and you are

trying to make a best first impression. Dress a level up, but then it’s probably a good idea to not show up in a custom tailored suit. Gauge the situation.

Contributors: Cindy Mallory from JAKT

Written by Ben Skute

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