Willingness To Learn (18/20)

There is nothing worse than encountering someone who believes they know everything. Nobody knows everything about a given subject. Not even us in our own field of work.

Being able to identify that and having the correct attitude towards learning is extremely important. We can tell you how to do a job, that’s not a problem. What we want to see is how you’ll take the knowledge and run with it. If there’s a better way to do something we want you to be able to work that out because you’ll be the one working in that area on a daily basis. Your input will be far more valuable than ours here and we understand that.

A common question we’ll ask is Are you a leader or a follower?. The fact is, this is somewhat of a trick question. We want people who are capable of doing both. It’s when people take it to the extreme that alarm bells are raised. When someone says with absolute certainty they are a leader and go on to boast about their achievements and perfection we start to question whether we can trust them to own up to their mistakes. We are all human and mistakes happen. We don’t want people to hide things when they go wrong as this is incredibly damaging to our business. Instead, we want someone who is willing to admit they aren’t perfect and can work through things as a team to solve issues.

Contributors: Jon Hayes from Authority Hacker

Written by Ben Skute

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