3 incredibly simple ways to hack your Twitter growth (4/4)

Attract, engage and grow your community. It’s easier than you think.

A few months ago, I opened a twitter account for my startup. I planned a great content strategy, put together a list of influencers and starting scheduling my posts on Hootsuite. Slowly, but surely, the number of followers started to grow.

However, I didn’t want slowly. I’m not sure any founder in today’s digital world hopes for their social media to grow slowly, but surely. We want instant gratification: viral content to sprout magical communities and result in immediate sales. Ok, let’s face it, that’s not very likely.

But, you can rapidly speed up your twitter growth with these growth hacking tools. Hacking Twitter isn’t about being a spammer. It’s about being smart and ensuring you optimize content, timing, and audience.

Forget about growing slowly, but surely. The new paradigm is to grow fast, but controlled.

Written by Nikki

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