Can’t Stop Nature (2/5)

Back in 1988, I was headlining a show at an outdoor concert in Fayetteville, NC and back then in hip hop it was just the emcee and a deejay.

We were standing on stage in front of a crowd of about 10,000 people and my dj (DJ Money Mark) was putting records on the turntables when the wind started blowing hard. It was so crazy that every time the needle hit the record and I was going into a rhyme the record would fly off the turntables.

We were looking around and the crowd was getting antsy and I looked back and my dj kept grabbing the records and picking them up off the stage and it was just hilarious. I ended up doing an impromptu rhyme but the entire crowd was just laughing the whole time.

Ironically they ended up giving us a huge ovation but it went absolutely terrible.

My deejay and I still laugh about it today.

Contributor: Sean XLG

Written by ZK

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