An Author’s Guide to Online Marketing (5/23)

1. The Internet is the greatest gift to authors seeking to promote their work. But the sheer array of options can leave you feeling bewildered and uncertain of where to start.

An Author’s Guide to Online Marketing walks you through each step of creating a cohesive online marketing program for your book. Every chapter ends with a list of action items to help you implement the tactics covered in that chapter.

There’s even a helpful glossary of online marketing terms at the end. Every author needs this essential reference guide! Available now as a trade paperback or a Kindle e-book.

2. If you lead a company or organization, you’ve probably read countless books on leadership. But you still occasionally find yourself feeling stalled or in a rut.

What you need is a dose of catnip! The Feline CEO provides a fresh perspective on leadership, viewed through the lens of cat behavior. People may think cats are funny, or crazy, or whatever…but once you understand the reasons behind some of their behavior, there is actually much simple wisdom in it.

Coming in fall 2018, The Feline CEO couples this knowledge with quotes from dozens of successful CEOs to help you uncage the feline leader in you!

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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