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Fupping Media announces the launch of a new platform to help UK consumers find the cheapest products

Fupping Media today announced the launch of a new platform to help UK consumers find the cheapest products. The new product, named, allows users to search for product categories and find the best in class and most affordable products. Developed by experienced company Fupping Media, the new product is fully functional and connects the user to the most competitive deals online.

Commented Nathaniel Fried, the co-founder of Fupping Media, “With, we want to put the individual at the centre of consumerism. Consumers have increasingly benefited from sites like Google, eBay and Amazon. But what about those products that aren’t offered on these platforms? If you search for a product online, why aren’t you told which is the best deal, rather than just the most popular?” to revolutionise the way people shop online

The new platform is set to revolutionise the way people shop online. aims to become the most comprehensive platform to search for all kinds of products online. is a cutting edge new platform with an ambitious mission to become your one-stop shopping hub.

The co-founder of Fupping Media, said, “At the moment, whenever you’re looking to buy something online you have to search for something similar. But if you’re looking for something very specific you usually end up going to a search engine like Google or Yahoo and then searching for the product by typing in a specific phrase. You’ll then end up with a list of millions of different possible results and it’s impossible to stop yourself from clicking on the first link.

“We’ve seen lots of sites like Google, Yahoo and eBay, but none of them is focused on simply looking for the cheapest product in each category. The launch of this new product will mean all consumers will be able to search through a massive number of different online retailers and check to see which product is the most competitive. This will mean that we’ll have the ability to find people the most cost effective product without any fuss.”

About is the UK based online product search platform. Fupping Media is a fully searchable database where anybody can find the cheapest product for whatever it is they are looking for.

To find out more about and its new website, visit the website today at

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