Best Blog Platform to Make Money

Going straight to the answer: the best platform for blogging depends on what kind of monetization you want. If you want to start a blog and use it to earn money, then choose WordPress. It’s universal, multifunctional, and has hundreds of useful plugins.

It’s home to 60+ million users and is considered one of the best blog hosting platforms.

If you want to promote your business and yourself as a specialist or thought leader, LinkedIn may become your best hosting choice. It’s an incredible option for young specialists to get first customers and make necessary connections.

In this article, we’ll review both builder websites, as well as some tips you should use to promote any blog and become the most popular.

So, ask yourself “Which one should I use?” and let’s get to the facts!

WordPress Review as a Top Easy Blog Platform of 2021

WordPress is the most customizable and flexible, suitable for SEO, personal blogging, even microblogging (although Twitter wins in this category). There, you can create any blog, there is no limited list of topics. From tiny family blogs about raising children to creating a social media platform for entrepreneurs or for affiliate marketing, you can create anything.

It’s also quite a simple blogging service. There are three main steps you have to make on the way to your website:

  • Buy a domain;
  • Get a web hosting;
  • Create your account.

WordPress is a good option for those who want to create a guest blogging service or a personal blog they will promote through such services. You have 100% control over your website. You can change themes, layout, plugins, etc.

WordPress itself is free, but you will need a reliable host that will cost money. Many experts recommend Bluehost. It’s cheap, you only have to pay $2,95 a month if you choose a basic plan.

This is one of the easiest ways to build and start your blog. If you don’t want to invest at the moment, it’s possible to use WordPress alone. However, you will need to build the whole website yourself. If you know programming languages and want to practice, it’s a great opportunity. But if not, it’s better to find a great host.

The basic Bluehost plan offers 100MB of email and 50GB of disk storage. You also get free SSL and a free name for your domain.

You still keep control over the website, which even sounds inspiring!

WordPress.Com Vs. WordPress.Org

When looking for WordPress online, you’ll see two websites:

  • com;
  • org.

There’s one major difference between the two: who’s hosting the website.

With, you don’t worry about hosting the blog. The site does it. It’s much easier and may be a great option for those who don’t look for upscale and want a hassle-free blog. However, you have little freedom there.

With, you host the website, that’s why you need to find a hosting to do it. This may be more difficult for beginners or those who didn’t want to do any additional steps between them and their blog. But this option gives complete control and freedom over your source.

You can monetize your blog in any way because basically, it’s your source, you just use tools by WordPress and your host.

LinkedIn as the Most Popular Professional Platform for a Blog

LinkedIn is the best blogging platform for business owners and professionals who want to promote their services. The two main perks of the website are:

  • There’s a pre-existing audience, so it may be easier to get readers if you have high-quality content and use proper keywords;
  • Easy-to-use functions and no need for additional actions like finding a host, etc.

LinkedIn isn’t the first website that comes to people’s heads as a blogging service. However, 2021 is the time for renovation and rethinking, right?

An amazing feature of the platform’s audience is that these aren’t random visitors. They are professionals, highly focused people who will stay with you if they need your information. These are serious users, and even if you have half the size of a regular random audience, you’ll get more customers and more revenue.

People who visit your website through promotion or just to read your blog are more difficult to convert. Here, they are going for their goals, with their eyes on the ball. So, if you have what they need, get ready to have new customers very soon.

The competition is high as well, of course. There are over 30 million businesses on the website. However, if you fill your niche, you will:

  • Become better at networking;
  • Build relationships with similar businesses or the ones you can exchange services with;
  • Find specialists for your team (SEO professionals copywriters, link builders, lawyers, managers, etc.);
  • Find customers and buyers.

There are whole companies that help businesses look for leads on LinkedIn. There’s data that over 90% of B2B marketing teams are looking for prospects on the resource. So why aren’t you still there?

Yes, there will be limitations to the topics you highlight. On LinkedIn, you shouldn’t write about your last vacation; the website requires professional articles. But this is what makes it so effective. You get straight to the point, and your funnels become smaller and more focused.

Besides, nobody says you can’t have two blogs:

  • One on LinkedIn as your truly professional one. Users go there to see how good of a specialist you are before buying your products or services;
  • One on WordPress where you share a bit more of personality and show that you’re a loyal, hardworking, interesting, and open-minded individual.

Consider this variant, and let’s discuss a topic of link building, without which no blog will become popular.

The Best Strategy to Use on All Blog Platforms to Make Money

Of course, a blog platform that hosts your source isn’t the only deciding factor. You may have the best blog on WordPress and still not know how to use it for monetization. The ideas will come around when you get more attention.

Link building is the essence of website promotion. Do other websites link to your blog? This means you’re reliable and have interesting content. So why not visit your website and become a reader and then a loyal customer?

Here are the three things you will need for a proper promotion:

  • For successful promotion and traffic, you need a link-building strategy. If it’s too difficult for you, it’s possible to outsource link building with the help of services like – a professional team of writers and link builders;
  • You may also need a link building agency to help you automate the process with software. The article covers this topic on the top level;
  • Analyze your backlink profile according to the metrics that work the best for your strategy. There may be websites that are of poor quality or penalized. If they mention your link, your source may get in trouble.

Getting mentioned by other bloggers and webmasters on their websites is an essential strategy that will help you to start a blog on any kind of blogging platforms and monetize it!

Now, choose a platform that suits your purpose the most and build your blog!

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