What To Know for a Budget-Friendly Home Renovation

When the time comes for a massive overhaul of your living space, you may think it’ll require tens of thousands of dollars and months of work. We’re here to help with some tips for a budget-conscious remodel! From the power of paint to home addition considerations, here’s what to know for a budget-friendly home renovation.

Start by Cleaning

Your first move for any renovation is to make sure you need it. Many homeowners think their house feels cramped and needs an overhaul because excessive clutter is getting in the way. Before you commit to expensive remodeling projects, take a few days and thoroughly clean and organize your home. Having a big cleanup project is also an excellent method to get rid of some stuff

That way, you can differentiate the areas that genuinely need some extra TLC from spaces that were simply overrun with clutter. You should also keep an eye out for additional organization opportunities. If you find yourself wishing you had more storage in a room, keep that in mind for your remodeling project!

Paint Goes a Long Way

Not every room needs a wall knocked down to make it feel like a brand-new space. If you’ve lived for years in rooms with beige, off-white, or eggshell walls, try giving those spaces a splash of color with a unique paint choice. Different colors can completely change the feel of a room by brightening up spaces or making them feel cozier.

Changing the Footprint

Before you have contractors knock down any walls, you should put serious thought into whether those drastic measures are necessary. Consider the cost of the project versus the resale value of your home. Do those numbers line up, or will the renovation cost significantly more than you’d make back?

There’s a lot to consider about home additions, so make sure you’re prepared for the costs that come with them. If you want more natural light in a room, instead of adding windows (which can cost a ton of money), consider a skylight in the form of a light tube: a channel of sunlight from the rafters above.

Now that you understand what to know for a budget-friendly home renovation, make your remodeling dreams come true without breaking the bank!

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Written by Selena Thomas

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