5 Ways A Child Can Benefit From Nursery

As a child grows and develops, there are many considerations a parent or carer needs to make for the child’s best interest. One of which is whether or not they should start attending nursery. It can be hard to let go in the early stages, but nursery can be a positive change for both you and your child. 

A good idea if you want to start making the transition is to research the top nurseries in your area and narrow down from there. Consider the type of nursery setting you’d like and how your child might adapt to different environments. Ultimately, the nursery needs to work for both of you, so location, structure, activities, cost, and reputation are all important factors. 

However, if you’re not quite sold on the idea of a nursery yet, we’ve made a list of the top 5 ways a child can benefit below.


One of the key benefits of a child attending nursery is the social skills they develop as a result. It is quite possible that they will not have had much experience conversing with children of the same age prior to nursery, making it all the more important for them to attend when the time is right. 

So important is socialising for children and their families, that which town a family will move to is often in a large part, dependent upon looking at which city or town is best for young families and those with young children.

Young children can learn to communicate with each other and the nursery practitioners, develop listening skills, share and take turns, as well as numerous other interactive techniques that are vital to their development.

Building Immunity

Another benefit that goes hand in hand with socialising is the opportunity for children to build immunity. Whilst interacting with others every day, children will develop a stronger immune system to common infections including coughs and colds which are particularly prevalent among kids. They will also likely be outdoors more often getting fresh air and exercise, all of which are great for their health and wellness.

Creating Structure And Routine

Nursery provides a natural routine to a child’s day. This structure can include naps, meal times, and activities which will get children used to routine and less likely to be stressed throughout the day. 

Another key advantage of a nursery’s structure is that when a child knows what to expect, they can play a more active role in the tasks. For example, they will learn to tidy up before heading home which will hopefully be continued into their home life, making a child more cooperative and compassionate.

Heightened Independence

As nursery might well be the first time a child is away from their parent or guardian, it can certainly feel unsettling for both parties. Yet once this barrier is overcome, a nursery gives a child the facilities to build independence and confidence, with the freedom to explore and make friends. 

This is crucial for a young person’s development and well-being by encouraging individuality and disposition. Getting a taste of the outside world might not always be attractive, but it is certainly in a child’s best interest. Nursery is therefore a foundation for children to thrive in the outside world and at home too. 

Getting Prepared For School

Finally, many of the skills learnt at nursery can significantly help a child in the later transition to school. 

From routine and structure, to socialising and independence, nursery can act as a template for a child’s educational experience, preparing them with the essential qualities to help them succeed elsewhere. 

If a child does not attend nursery, it can be a real shock to the system when they first attend primary school as many of the skills developed in nursery might not have been fulfilled, making it a more traumatic and uneasy period. Nursery is therefore an ideal place for a child to grow into their best self, prepare for further education, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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