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5 Ways To Have The Latest Gadgets Without Going Broke

Leaks about the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max indicate that the two devices will have a triple-lens camera that will allow users to take images with a larger field of view, according to TechRadar. If, like many, you’re itching to try the latest gadgets, you’ll be happy to hear that don’t need to be swimming in money to buy these products when they are finally launched. Just be savvy with your money, and you won’t have trouble getting on the upgrade treadmill.

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Buy for lifetime value

Buying alternatives to name-brand products in an attempt to save money may actually cost you in the long run. Instead, buy a gadget that will last for a couple of years before a new iteration of that gadget is announced. That means you will have enough time to save money in case you need to upgrade. However, if you buy a piece of junk, you may have to replace it a year after you bought it. Impulse buying of fashionable gadgets that rapidly depreciate in value can get you into debt and damage your credit score. So, to maintain your good record, shop more for the value of the product.

Trade or sell your old device

First think of selling your old device before you purchase the latest smart home device or the latest TV. You can either sell the device on sites like eBay or trade it with a retailer. Trade-in providers like ItsWorthMore offer top dollar for your devices, but you need to avoid providers that give you gift cards instead of offering cash. Just know that each provider is different, and that means their pricing may also be different. You can add that extra money to the amount you had saved and upgrade your device.

Do not pay more than you need to

You need to know that some online sellers overprice products. To get a genuine bargain, you going to have to check price histories using price trackers such as CamelCamelCamel. In fact, you can start with simple research on Google. Other price tracking tools include Keepa, Bizrate and PriceGrabber.

Do your shopping online

Products are cheaper online because of the absence of retailers, lack of a bricks-and-mortar store, and a competitive market. Apart from the diversity of choice and easy comparison, you will also learn more about the gadget’s capabilities from trusted reviews and ratings from previous customers if you shop online.

Buy out of pocket

Forget about subsidies, extended warranties and protection plans if you want to keep on top of your gadget passion. These payment plans offered by carriers for phones and other gadgets are contract based, and you may end up paying more for the device using these plans. Buying out of pocket costsless in the long run, and gives you a lot of freedom in which carrier and phone you use.

You could also just wait for a few months after the new product is launched until the price goes down. Sometimes, due to waiting longer to get the product, you realize that it is only slightly better than the iteration you already have, and you end up choosing not to buy it anyway.

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