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A Guide On Breast Cancer Care – Breast Reconstruction

About 1 in 8 US women develop invasive breast cancer. In 2019, around 268,000 women were reported to have affected due to breast cancer. Stage II breast cancers are treated with mastectomy (removal of breasts). Most of the affected women are of the age under 35 and care about their physical appearance. Breast reconstruction is suggested by many doctors on the same day of mastectomy.

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Plastic surgeons perform the breast reconstruction on cancer patients. Here is a complete guide for breast reconstruction.

Types Of Breast Reconstruction

There are 3 types of breast reconstruction namely

  1. Breast Implants
  2. Reconstruction using own tissue
  3. Combination of tissues and implants

Reconstruction Using An Implant

Breast reconstruction is the restoring of the shape and volume of the breast lost during the treatment of cancer.

Facts About Breast Implants

  • The breasts reconstructed using implants are of natural shape
  • They are finer.
  • However, they move less naturally than the reconstruction using tissues.
  • They do not droop on aging
  • They do not change their shape or volume if one puts on weight or loses weight
  • It is best suited for women with small and firm breasts
  • The recovery time of this reconstruction is quicker than the other reconstruction methods.

Reconstruction Using Tissues

  • This method of reconstruction is performed during the mastectomy. The implant of tissues does not show any progress immediately after the procedure. The tissues grow and get implanted over time.
  • During mastectomy the surgeons insert a tissue expander and preserve the space. This helps to reduce the scar
  • After few weeks, when the tissues have grown fully and the scars are healed, the implants are gradually inflated using saline solution. The saline solution is injected just under the skin. The procedure is simple and done during outpatient appointments.
  • One can feel the stretching and tightness as the implant solutions are filled.
  • The procedure is highly useful if the patients do not have enough skin left after mastectomy
  • The treatment is not advisable for radioactive treatment as it reduces the elasticity and quality of the skin.

Apart from the type of reconstruction the method of holding is equally important. There are 2 methods as follows

Adm – Acellular Dermal Matrix

ADM is a pocket to hold the breast implants. It is attached to the chest muscles. This gives the natural effect to the breasts.

Facts About ADM

  • They are made of animal tissue
  • They processed to suit the human body environment safely.
  • The tissues are placed in meshes to give the shape. The meshes are synthetic supports.
  • Talk to plastic surgeon like Dr. k Roxanne Grawe for alternate options to animal tissues

Dermal Sling

  • From the lower half of the breasts tissues are removed to support the import instead of an ADM. This is called Dermal sling
  • It is well suited for women with larger breasts
  • It cannot be performed on every patient. There are certain criteria involved. Consult the doctor to learn about the constraints.
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