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All That You Need To Know About Different Categories Of Golf Clubs

The popularity of golf as a sport has increased, with a large number of individuals and sportsmen of other disciplines taking to golf. Individuals who are aware of the right equipment will have no difficulties in choosing the best and most suitable golf clubs. However, the lack of knowledge about different categories of golf clubs makes it difficult for a novice. Here is all that you need to know about various categories of golf clubs, which will help you to choose the most suitable one when you start playing golf.

#1 Drivers – Also known as woods, this category of golf clubs is perhaps the oldest category, mainly because wood was first used to make golf clubs. Drivers are generally used as long distance clubs, with the distinction of having the largest club head. Another distinct characteristic as clearly listed out in the callaway strata review is the length of the club; drivers are always the longest clubs, with the biggest hitting area among all clubs.

#2 Fairway Woods – Though this often regarded a part of the wood category, this is effectively a separate category. The distinct physical characteristic of fairway woods is the flat face on one side at the bulbous head shape on the other. These clubs are typically used for longer shots, with many players choosing this club to tee, due to the ability of the club in offering greater lift for the shots, enabling straight movement.

#3 Hybrids – These clubs, appropriately named are a cross between iron and wood clubs. The shape is more or less similar to that of a wood club offering uses the advantage of easily eating shots. One of the additional advantages of using and hybrid is the length and loft which is similar to that of an iron, giving players the ability to get the short to travel far. Hybrids are the clubs of choice when it comes to a replacement for irons for most shots.


#4 Irons – These clubs are the popular choice when it comes to choosing a club for every hole, from short to the tee. Irons are used on every hole and cover everything from short & mid-range shots to long-range shots from the tee. A distinct characteristic of iron clubs are the deep grooves that stretch toe to heel and top to bottom. It is these grooves that permit the player to get the ball to spin. Another clear physical attribute is the dinner club head that helps in ensuring greater accuracy. The combination of the grooves and the thinner club heads gives players greater control over the movement.

#5 Wedges – These clubs look quite similar to irons and are basically meant for use in shots that demand higher levels of accuracy and spin. The degree of loft and bounce is higher in wedges when compared to irons. This makes it most suitable for shots on the green and for chip shots.

#6 Putters – Regarded as one of the most important clubs, this used on the greens when the ball needs to be guided into the hole. The flat face on the putter and the small size is the distinguishing physical characteristic of the club.


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