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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – How To Use It Effectively?

A Robotic vacuum cleaner is an automatic machine that helps to save a lot of time. There are certain things to be followed to use the automatic vacuum cleaner effectively. Here are some tips to use a robotic vacuum cleaner more professionally and increase its life.

Cable Wire Clips

With the use of electrical gadgets increasing day by day, there is minimum or 10 wall – wired domestic electrical appliances in every home. In order to protect them use a wire clip and secure them tight by folding so that they are not in the path of the robotic vacuum cleaner. For instance when the Eufy 15C is cleaning the floor, it enters beneath the TV stand and Laptop tables creating chances of wire damage.

Create Obstacles

If there are wires that cannot be clipped or hung on the wall they can be made obscured. This will make the robot change its path. Similarly, other sharp objects or delicate objects can be secured. This can easily be done by putting a shoe in front of the product to be protected.

Place The Robot At Different Places

Never fix the place of the robotic cleaner. This is because they clean randomly. Therefore they are good at cleaning areas that are missed by humans. However, as the cleaning is random, some areas are over cleaned and some are less cleaned. Therefore starting the cleaning at different places helps to cover the entire area

Observe The Robot

Never begin programming the robot as soon as it is purchased. Watch its action for the first time completely and then begin to fix the timers, schedules of cleaning, etc.

Avoid Water

This is not only applicable to the robotic vacuum cleaner but is suitable for any electrical appliance. The robot might not work well if it is often used over a wet surface or carpet.

Charging Station

Always place the charging station on a flat surface. If possible place it over a wooden piece for safety. Never position it on a sunny place as it might confuse the sensors in the robot. At times the robot might run out of battery before it reaches its charging station. This might happen to the robotic cleaners like Eufy RoboVac 15C,that has high suction power of 1500Pa. Also it happens when the house is big. So place the charging station at the centre of the house.

Remove Clutters

Before putting the robot on its work, make sure to remove clothes, toys or other clutters lying down.

Random Pattern

Never panic or conclude the product is waste if it is not getting to one spot. The machine follows a random pattern and will get to every nook and corners but might take a while.

Multi Level Big Homes

If one owns a large home with 2 or more floors, he has to get 2 cleaners. This is because the main purpose of the robot is to save time. If one has 2 storey, he has to set the robot to clean the ground floor, wait for it to get charged and put it for cleaning on the top floor. This is time consuming.

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