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ASM (Amazing Selling Machine): A Full Course Review with Details

There are people who dream of working for themselves and then there are those who take steps to make it happen for themselves. People who do work for themselves will tell you that there is no easy path to success, it takes drive and determination and success can come at a cost.

The successful entrepreneur will describe the flexibility that having your own business can bring, you can decide on your own schedule and you do not have to be driven daily by someone making decisions for you, you decide where and when to work and for and for how long. Now that we are in the age of the online world, meetings and discussions do not have to take place in a boardroom, they can take place online and that leaves flexibility for travel and therefore the potential of a very fulfilling lifestyle. In addition, it is your business, you work for yourself and the profits are yours, you are no longer working long hours in order for someone else to benefit from your efforts. It does however take courage and determination to take the first step, especially for those who are in relatively stable jobs earning what would be considered a reasonably good wage.

When planning, say, a selling business, there are lots of questions and lots of naivety! There are many millions of sellers worldwide trying for success in the online world, you will be one of them.

So how can you beat the competition and stand out from the crowd. Of course you can spend time gathering information from all sorts of sources, online blogs and posts, friends, business owners etc but what if you could receive advice and guidance from some very successful people in the industry? This could be hugely beneficial as it could save you time, effort and money in the long run and may even make the difference in terms of success vs failure.

There are courses that you can take that will allow you to do exactly that. Amazing Selling Machine or ASM for short, is more than just a course, however, it offers support, time for questions, up to the minute techniques and resources. All of the delivery and support is offered by very successful people who have their own successful businesses.

The Amazon FBA Course uses Amazon as its platform. Amazon is one of the world’s largest retail platforms having generated $230 billion in sales in 2018. It has 300 million users.

Negotiating Amazon yourself and all its many features can be daunting and like everything there are ‘best things to do’ and things to avoid, ASM know this and are up to date with all of the latest developments.

Some details about the program:

Part One of the program offers an 8 week online web class as it is called. The course can be accessed from any browser making it entirely flexible for the user. You simply login and follow the step by step instructions. It will teach you how to select your product, how to source your product, how to create and build your brand, how to market your brand and how to launch your brand. In addition to so much more, you will learn how Amazon works.

Part Two offers you a mentor, in effect a private coach, someone who has been very successful in the world of business and can provide you with much needed guidance

Part Three offers you access to the online community of ASM members. You will be able to join in with chats and offer and receive ideas and inspiration. You will also have access to live group coaching calls.

Part Four, the final part offers access to templates, resources, professional services and discounts, all of which can be used to build your business and save you money.

As with any course or program, there is a cost attached. If you factor in the effort, time and cost that it would take you to go alone, a course like this from which you could start to generate sales very quickly, soon pays for itself. There are many reviews and testimonials online which provide a helpful insight into the program.

Benefits include

  • A tried and trusted model which is always updated with the latest techniques and ideas
  • There is nothing theoretical, everything is tried and tested on ‘live’ businesses
  • Testimonials and video testimonials form a number of users
  • 30 day money back guarantee offers peace of mind
  • You do not have to attend seminars and therefore do not need to take time out of your schedule
  • You do not have to have any prior knowledge but if you do that would be no problem either, the program is not directed at any particular type of user and even a beginner nis able to access the program
  • You can access information on any device anywhere in the world, making the program completely flexible for the user
  • You can put what you learn into action very quickly
  • Up to the minute information. Course organisers are well ahead and always on top of the latest strategies
  • You will have a complete backup support system. Unlike other courses, you will have access to a mentoring service, resources and not only that, a large online community of users that support and encourage each other
  • Although there is a cost involved, there are money saving options

It would appear from the reviews and testimonials that this is a course for people who want to succeed in their business venture. There is a live chat option, you can make telephone contact or you can email to be sure that the program is right for you before purchase. The website contains very detailed information regarding the structure of the course, lots of videos and testimonials, all of which should arm you with a significant amount of information prior to your decision and that coupled with the money back guarantee, means that you are protected.

The presenters are very enthusiastic and dedicated to task. Have a look, judge for yourself and if it is a step-by-step structured program with plenty of support that you are looking for, ASM is well worth considering.


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Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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