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Top Tips for Buying and Maintaining a Mini Excavator

A mini or compact excavator is a vehicle with tracks or wheels that farmers, contractors, and construction workers use in a range of excavating tasks. Often, a job that’s too small for a digger or regular-sized excavator will be perfect for the likes of Kato excavators which specialize in close skimming and digging.

However, even if you decide that Kato excavators – or another brand – are something of which your property or project could see the benefit, you still have a long road ahead. You then have to figure out how to find one that suits your needs, then how to maintain it. Fortunately, there is plenty of information around that could be of assistance. Read on to find out everything you need to know about buying and maintaining a mini excavator.

Buying a Mini Excavator

If you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in new machinery for your line of work, then congratulations: it’s a significant step to take. Now, you need to consider the following before you choose Kato excavators or another brand!


Going by the name of it, a mini excavator, it’s clear to see it’s not going to be enormous, but even in the line of compact excavators, there are different sizes. Pay attention to the work it will be doing and the horsepower of the model you are considering. The best excavator is one with generous load-bearing capacity and stability.

You may also like to measure the area you are working in and the swing radius too. Failure to incorrectly estimate the size against your needs can result in a mini excavator that’s not fit for purpose – meaning you are overworking it, or unable to use it at all!

Fuel Type

There used to be a one-size-fits-all approach to fuel types for mini excavators, but those days are gone. Now, most manufacturers are trying new things to improve the performance of their models. Take, for example, Kato excavators. Their machines feature corrosion-free diesel fuel tanks to offer peace of mind.

Aside from diesel models which have generous digging capabilities, you can also buy electric models. However, along with the risk of damaging the power cable, you also can’t dig as deep.

Cabin Room & Comfort

The average man stands at five feet ten inches tall, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for comfort in the average cab of heavy machinery. If you are in the market for a new excavator, consider more than the performance of the machine, but its comfort. You will be spending a considerable amount of time in it, so it needs to be comfortable.

For example, Kato excavators usually include such comforts as an adjustable spring seat, servo-assisted joysticks, a tilting backrest, and even ergonomic control layouts. You don’t know how important comfort is until you don’t have it!

Maintaining Your Mini Excavator

Most people buy a new excavator with every intention of keeping it clean, tidy, and operational. The reality is, many people are skilled in using a mini excavator, but not so much in maintaining them to a high standard. When you are looking for mini excavators for sale, consider one that comes with a maintenance guide. Alternatively, ask the salesperson for a servicing schedule so can someone else can maintain it to a high standard.

With the likes of Kato excavators,(this one is do follow) they take great pride in creating as much low maintenance and maintenance-free parts as possible. Fully-opening engine covers make access to parts a breeze, while the segmented boom cylinder hose’s position and design mean it’s effortless to replace. What’s more, with an anti-corrosive radiator, you can save money on having to replace that too.

Other things to consider with maintenance include fuel filters, air filters, and fuel water separators. You should always change your fuel and air filters on schedule, and inspect, clean, or drain your fuel water separator regularly too.

When it comes to air filters, keeping on top of maintenance is paramount. Dusty environments mean they are filtering more often and could require replacement or cleaning before the agreed servicing time. Finally, don’t forget about greasing your machines. Even though it can be a tedious task, failure to grease often can result in pins and bushings wearing out before their time.


Everyone’s need for a mini excavator is different, making it a challenge to find one that suits your needs perfectly. Fortunately, the likes of Kato’s range of excavators is vast, meaning you’re more likely to find one that ticks all the boxes than having to go without.

Take the time to review all your options for buying, then educate yourself on the maintenance they require. Before long, you can be both an expert in maintenance and a brand-new mini excavator owner!

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