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Things To Keep in Mind Before Your First Hunting Trip

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Developing hunting as a hobby can be a lot of fun and adventurous if you’re well prepared and aware of what to expect on your hunting trip. Whether you’re going hunting for fun, as a hobby or it’s the way to get food on your tables while on your camping trip. Be it any reason, there are some important tips and do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind, especially on your first hunting trip.

1. Things To Carry

When packing for a hunting trip, there are some very specific things that you will need. Apart from the clothes, water and food, you must also carry a wilderness survival kit which will come in handy in case of emergencies and accidents. You should also have important tools to start a fire, put up a shelter and also carry something that can be used to signal a call for help. Don’t forget to carry one of the most important requirements on a hunting trip; hunting knives and tools which are needed for the main activity.

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2. Don’t Overpack

Since this is your first camping trip, don’t overpack your backpack with unnecessary things that you ‘think’ you will need. It’s wise to pack only what you will actually need and keep your backpack lightweight so that it’s not difficult for you to carry. Don’t carry too many hunting tools, depending on what you’re planning to hunt and where you can find the right hunting knife in UK.

3. Keep Someone Informed

You should always keep someone informed of your whereabouts because someone should know where and when you’re hunting. Informing someone is important so that you can get quick help whenever you need it. There are many hunters who get lost in the woods and can’t get any help because they haven’t informed anyone. So make sure that someone from your friend circle or family knows where and when you’ve gone hunting.

4. Always Follow Procedure and Rules

Most Departments of Natural Resource and Wildlife run a safety course which is great for first-time hunters. Not following the rules, regulations and safety instructions is another major source of injuries to hunters. So, always make sure that you’ve taken the safety course, read the rules, regulations, safety procedures and follow them correctly. Don’t go into restricted areas or try to be extra- adventurous after the time limit because it can be dangerous for you.

5. Check the Weather

Always check the weather before you plan your hunting trip. Going hunting in bad weather with heavy snow, thunderstorms, heavy rainfall etc. is a bad idea. You can end up having a difficult time on your hunting trip, in bad weather. Always check the weather and then plan your hunting trip. This is also important because you will need to pack your clothes according to the weather.

6. Double Check All Your Gear

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Before you leave for your hunting trip, check all your camping and hunting gear twice, to be sure that it’s working properly. Most people do not open their camping or hunting gear before reaching the site and it can take a lot of time on site to figure out how to use the equipment. So, always take out time before you leave for your camping or hunting trip, to know your gear and equipment well.


Before doing anything new, it’s always good to be well prepared, especially prepare and learn from other’s experiences. If you really want to know what to expect out there and how to prepare, the best way to do that is to speak to some of the experienced hunters and campers. They’ll be able to give you great insight into what it’s really like out in the hunting field.

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