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7 DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle

Car maintenance is a task that needs to be taken responsibly. There are various parts of a car that need to be cleaned, taken care of, and you can maintain them with some quick steps. Some tips are easy for you to implement if you want to maintain your car. Here they are!

Test/Change Your Coolant

Your car’s coolant needs to be changed after a certain time. Test your coolant with a voltmeter to see if it needs to be changed. You can test the coolant levels with a voltmeter.

Replace Air Filters

The clogged cabin air filter will put an extra load on your car’s A/C system, and that will reduce the heat in winter. You have to replace it at least once a year. Replacing air filters is very easy. Find the filter under your car’s hood, remove the air filter, and insert the new one. After you are done, close the metal clips.

Polish Your Car

Polishing your car does not have to be a huge thing anymore because there are orbital polishers available that do all of the work. You just have to use the tool on the paint, and the polisher will do the rest. Navigate to this website and look at the best random orbital polisher for your car. If you have a white car, for the final touch, be sure to use the best car wax for a white car.

Clean Your Headlights

Dirty headlights are not something unheard of. If you have dirty or cloudy headlights, the solution to that is not replacing them. You can buy a headlight restoration kit from any auto parts store or use toothpaste. Simply apply whitening toothpaste on the lights and clean them with an old toothbrush. Let the paste sit for a little bit and then rinse the lights with clean water and dry.

Fix Dents

You can pay a mechanic to fix the dents on your car, or you can do the same thing yourself. A plunger can easily fix those ugly dents on your car. This tip is not effective for heavy damage and will work for smaller dents. It is really easy to do because all you will need is the plunger.

Wiper Blades

If your wiper blades are dirty, they will further damage your windscreen instead of cleaning it. You should keep those blades clean with rubbing alcohol and change them when you need to. You can get the blades from any store and fix them with the help of the manual that is provided with it. If you need to clean the wiper blades, do that with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol and the blades will look new!

Fix The Scrapes On Your Car

Every car has scrapes and chips, but they don’t look very pretty, do they? There is an easy fix for these scrapes, in which you don’t have to take it to the workshop. Get a nail polish with the color matching your car paint, and paint on the scrapes. It is not a permanent solution, but it will work for the time being.

With these DIY tips, car maintenance is no longer a difficult task!

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