6 Medical Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief

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Medical cannabis and marijuana has been relevant for pain relief for many years now. Doctors prescribe marijuana for many different types of chronic pain including arthritis and even cancer. Because cannabis is a lot more normalized now than it used to be in the past, it also much easier to find. For example, you can easily look up some Canadian Dispensary Reviews and get your fix by showing them your prescription.

In the United States, there are many reasons why cannabis is now recommended for pain relief by many doctors. And of course, just like any other herbal and traditional medication, there are hundreds of different strains of cannabis available as well. However, it’s essential to know that you will need a state medical marijuana card or prescription from a doctor to access cannabis legally, depending on which state you live in, such as Texas. 

Now in this article, we will be discussing the best strains of cannabis for pain relief, but before we get to that, here is a little more know-how on using cannabis for pain relief.

History of Cannabis

Cannabis has been used for medicinal and analgesic purposes for over thousands of years now. One of the main reasons for the widespread use of cannabis is the fact that it has been very easy to grow different strains.

Use of cannabis as traditional medicine can be traced back to around 2700 BC where the Chinese discovered its miraculous medical benefits and used it for a wide variety of diseases. People who used cannabis for their conditions in early times mostly reported with positive results. Because of the obvious difference that cannabis was made in people who were suffering from illnesses, it was always in common use.

However, cannabis has also been shunned by society for nearly just as many years because of its potential for abuse as a recreational drug.

Why is Cannabis Better than other Pain Relievers?

Chronic pain can occur in people as a result of hundreds of different medical conditions. These conditions include arthritis, osteoporosis, nerve pain, and many other such conditions.

Doctors have been prescribing different types of painkillers for these types of pains for many years now, the most common amongst them being marijuana, opioids, and NSAIDs. According to research and speculation, marijuana is quite possibly the best choice for chronic pain relief out of the three.

Opioids have a very high potential for abuse. It is speculated that around sixty people die on a daily basis as a result of opioid abuse. So even if opioids help in relieving pain, they can prove to be a much bigger danger than they are useful.

NSAIDs, on the other hand, are not traditional medicine. They are effective and don’t have a potential for abuse, and along with pain relief, they also stop inflammation. The problem with NSAIDs is that the stronger they are, the more potent their side effects are. Cannabis, on the other hand, can treat pain and inflammation without causing quite as many side effects.

Other than all of this, cannabis also has the potential to relieve anxiety and stress that often comes with chronic diseases.

CBD to THC Ratio for Pain Relief

The two most potent compounds we find in cannabis are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is responsible for making your high and giving euphoria. CBD is a much more medically useful compound. It causes pain, and inflammation relief along with having a beneficial effect for many other medical conditions.There is an increasing number of pain-sufferers providing anecdotal evidence that CBD oil can also successfully relieve pain.

According to this consideration, it does seem as if having high CBD content in the strain is beneficial. However, there is often a significant amount of anxiety and stress attached to diseases that cause chronic pain, in which case having a high amount of THC can also be beneficial.

The strain of cannabis that is to be used and the CBD to THC ratio that should be used therefore depends on the condition of the patient.

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Best Strains for Pain Relief:

Blue Widow

Blue widow contains a large amount of CBD which, as we have already mentioned, makes it excellent for pain relief. It is a hybrid strain that came into being by crossing the Blueberry and White Widow strains. Along with being a potent painkiller, Blue Widow is also excellent for relieving inflammation in the body.

Lava Cake

Lava cake strain is an ultra-rare Indica-dominant hybrid and one of the latest strains to come from the Girl Scout Cookies family. This powerful strain promotes a deep sense of calm and relaxation that soothes the body without couch-locking the mind. Named for its extremely chocolatey flavor, the Lava Cake strain can help you stay cool and drift off to sleep with ease. There are a lot of good things that you can get from lava cake strain.


Dynamite is another strain that is excellent for relieving all sorts of pain. These include skeletal pain, muscle pain, and even nerve pain. Perhaps the most potent side effect of Dynamite is that it can massively increase your appetite.


It is speculated that ACDC is perhaps one of the absolute best pain killing strains of marijuana. This is so because ACDC consists of high amounts of both THC and CBD, which means that not only will it help with pain and inflammation, it will reduce any stress that you are facing because of your medical conditions as well. ACDC will make you feel relaxed and even euphoric, along with improving your focus.


If you are okay with a strain of cannabis that will do wonders for your pain and inflammation without making you high and overly-euphoric, then Harlequin is the strain for you. It does not fog your mind or make you sleepy either so that you can use it as daytime medication without any hesitation as well.

Even if Harlequin does not make you high, it is excellent for relieving anxiety and stress. It can make you feel happy and even energetic, which can help you be productive through the day as well.

Jack Herrer

Jack Herrer is a strain that contains a lot more THC than CBD so it may not be useful for everyone. It can effectively relieve pain and inflammation, but other than that, it is also used to treat depression, fatigue, and loss of appetite, all of which are common symptoms for many diseases. Jack Herrer is also a hybrid strain, resulting from a cross between Northern Lights, Shiva Skunk, and a hybrid of Haze.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush, just like all of the other strains we have mentioned, is excellent for relieving pain. But, it is also known for inducing sleep, because of which it works wonders for people who are suffering from insomnia. Along with insomnia, it can even relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

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