Top 15 Destination Wedding Ideas

Wedding traditions are different in cultures of all countries, but nevertheless, holding a wedding ceremony abroad is gradually becoming a trend. If you are planning to follow it, we have selected the best countries that can be visited in any season of the year.

1. The Dominican Republic

This place is one of the best wedding destinations since the amazing nature, mild climate, friendly locals are ideally combined with reasonable prices and convenient flight schedules. Therefore, if you pay attention to this country in the first place and look through Dominican Republic photography, it is unlikely that you will want something else.

2. Mauritius

On the “Jewel of the Indian Ocean,” it is really possible to organize a dream wedding. For adventure seekers, an underwater wedding will leave an unforgettable impression; adherents of more traditional celebrations can choose a beach barbecue party with folklore dances.

3. The USA

The USA is one of the most original destination wedding ideas. Celebrations can be organized on top of a skyscraper, in a luxurious castle, in a lush garden, on a yacht, or even under the water. You can choose states such as green Washington, or the New York state with its skyscrapers and other city sights.

4. New Zealand

If you want to find a special place for your wedding and the distance is not an obstacle for your love, we advise you to go to New Zealand. The incredible nature of the “country of a long white cloud,” as the local Aboriginal Maori call their homeland, is better than any special scenery for the ceremony.

5. Finland

This idea will be suitable for a couple that wants to challenge traditional beach destinations. Such a winter wedding means snow-capped peaks, traditional fish dishes, and local customs. The Finnish tradition includes a long process of preparing for marriage, during which the Finns are preparing a table, a program of meetings and gifts, so you will not need to worry that your wedding will be organized at the highest level.

6. Thailand

Thailand is the perfect choice for lovers of the exotic. You can take an oath of loyalty surrounded by rose petals against the backdrop of a golden coast and breathtaking waterfalls.

7. Cyprus

In recent years, Cyprus has become a destination wedding favorite of newlyweds from different countries. Couples are invited to arrange a luxurious wedding at one of the beach resorts or organize more cozy celebrations surrounded by beautiful landscapes in a local tavern or in an inconspicuous villa any month of the year.

8. The UK

Marriages are made in heaven. You can verify this personally by choosing the London Ferris Wheel for your wedding ceremony. Newlyweds are declared husband and wife when the capsule is located at the highest spot of the London Eye and the view of the whole city opens before you.

9. Singapore

A wedding on a picturesque slope among a myriad of orchids in Mandai Orchid Garden will forever be remembered. Ceremonies are held in the Water Garden or in the Old Garden against the backdrop of more than two hundred species of orchids. Wedding photos in Dominicana can compete with pictures that you can do in this location.

10. Cuba

If your dream is an exotic wedding on a Caribbean island, then the best offer is a free wedding at the five-star Sandals Royal Hicacos resort on the island of Cuba (the wedding is provided free of charge if you stay at the hotel for at least 8 days).

11. Montenegro

If the lost islands seem to be a little bit expensive, you can choose a tour that is quite democratic in its value. For example, you can celebrate a marriage ceremony in Montenegro. This country will allow you to take guests with you and arrange for them an excellent week-long vacation. The most interesting idea for a wedding in Montenegro is the wedding on Mount Lovchen at an altitude of 1300 meters.

12. China

China will not legally legalize your union, but it will present an unforgettable symbolic ceremony with a national flavor. Here you will find both ancient Beijing and sunny Hainan Island can become one of the most original beach destination wedding ideas. Here you will be offered spas, excursions, and a photographer service. In China, you can organize a wedding in the tradition of the ancient Celestial, where the bride has three wedding dresses and everything is surrounded by dragons, coins, girls in kimono, and national songs and dances.

13. Turkey

A romantic walk along a quiet beach at sunset or a walk in a unique mountain village will bring originality to wedding celebrations and will leave indelible impressions. Also, if you wish, you can find an unusual historical place in Istanbul or Ankara, which is perfect for a traditional wedding in summer.

14. Sri Lanka

This island offers newlyweds to hold a wedding ceremony, both in popular European styles and in a Buddhist style. If with the first option everything is clear and straightforward, then the second event is simply amazing. This includes traditional clothes, songs and dances in national style, riding an elephant with pom-poms along the beach, and an unforgettable romantic dinner.

15. Greece

The country that is ideal in all aspects closes our list of destination wedding favor ideas. The perfect place to marry really exists. Greece is the best place for a wedding. According to long-term surveys, Greece is leading in this regard. It is the cradle of myths; the starting point of European history; the birthplace of philosophers, conquerors, and wine. Greek beaches are incredibly clean, the service here is of European quality, the sunsets are breathtaking, and the climate is mild all year round. It is also one of the best honeymoon destinations according to surveys.

Feel free to use these ideas while planning your wedding and stay sure that you will be able to avoid boredom and mediocrity in any of these countries.

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