6 Travel Tips For A Perfect Long RV Road Trip

RV vacations are an amazing way to see the world, strengthen families and have an amazing time. In fact, if you are looking for a long road trip with multiple destinations an RV might provide exactly what you are looking for. Not only are you guaranteed a comfortable place to sleep, all your belongings and a place to call your own. Whether you are looking to rent an RV for the first time ever, or you are an owner with years of experience, these 6 tips will help make your next trip smooth and relaxing for all.

1. Always pack less

Overpacking is one of the most common mistakes RV travellers make. Just because it’s a long trip doesn’t mean that you need every single item of clothing in your wardrobe to come with you.

Embrace the fact that you can always buy necessities locally, or (and this is one of the benefits of RV travel) you can always wash clothes along the way.

The lighter you pack, the less stressful the stay is, the lighter the RV is and the more organised the trip is. Welcome the minimalist life.

2. Make a plan

Improvisation doesn’t really work with RV travel, of course, be spontaneous and enjoy the freedom to explore each destination but when you are headed out on the road, always make a plan.

The plan should outline a route (take the scenic tour and avoid paying tolls), create a timeline so you have an idea of what to see and do, have a budget in place and give yourself enough time just in case you experience delays.

Another tip when it comes to preparation is that it’s super important to have meal plans in place. Otherwise, you end up scrambling to find meals and paying more to eat out when you have a fully functioning kitchen on board. Bring along healthy snacks and stock up on easy-to-cook food whilst on the road.

Not every traveller has the luxury of their own kitchen, make the most of it.

3. Double check the routes

Importantly, driving an RV is a very different experience to driving a car. If you type in a destination in a GPS, the route provided might not be the best for you.

Double check for any weight limits, hairpin turns and low bridges. Most GPS units have resources that will check if your route is RV friendly.

Long road trippers should also take weather into consideration. Keep an eye on what you might be driving into.

4. Safety always comes first

Before setting off, check your tires and inspect your RV thoroughly. Pack a roadside emergency kit and tell close family members and friends where you’re going and how long for, keeping them updated along the journey.

You should absolutely purchase RV insurance too, especially for a long trip. In case of an accident, you want to make sure that you’re completely covered.

5. Make stops

It’s tempting to just keep pushing through the fatigue to make it to the destination quicker, but you should always listen to your body.

Always take breaks when you need to, recharge yourself and just enjoy the ride. Don’t risk losing concentration or falling asleep on the road. You should also try to avoid driving past dark, it’s more dangerous and you really should be laying your head on a pillow.

Taking breaks to move and stretch will further help avoid stiffness, cramping and soreness. Also, it is the unexpected pitstops and roadside attractions that can be the most memorable part of any RV adventure.

6. Don’t make filling up sporadic

Make a habit of gassing up your RV often, don’t just wait until you’re nearly empty (we’re all guilty of it). Long RV trips often mean you’ll pass through rural areas where gas stations are hard to come by. You don’t want to deal with that.

Also, you might not realize how much fuel your RV is consuming. Pushing heavy winds or on long, steep roads you may need to fill up more often. Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere is one unexpected pitstop you will not enjoy.

Above all, make sure to appreciate the surroundings and have fun on the road. Sometimes, the journey is the best part of a trip. Take in all the sights, capture the moments and make it memorable.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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