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Unspoken Instagram Repost Etiquette And Rules

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Reposting on Instagram is a great way to connect with and showcase other peoples work. That being said, it’s important to follow the rules of reposting (some of it unspoken).

#1 Use The Entire Photo or Meme

Often times people copy posts from an account and then cut off the bottom which usually contains the watermark or name of the original creator. This is not good repost etiquette.

Contributors: Joyce Blue from Empowering You Life Enhancement Coaching

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#2 Tag the creator!

Don't just @ them in the description (but also do that I usually just do cred: @whoever). When you repost someone, their phone should blow up after. This should help them as much as it helps you. Don't be stingy.

Contributors: Daniel Parish from Growella

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#3 Credit The Source

If there is ever any reason to believe that another account took the photo, always credit the account who took the photo, not who posted it. If it was a collaboration, credit both. The importance of crediting in reposts is to provide recognition for the creator (often an artist), whose income may be based upon the content they have made.

Contributors: Meara McNitt from Online Optimism

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#4 ALWAYS ask permission

I have built a highly engaged community out of reposting instagram content. Here are my rules:

  • ALWAYS ask permission
  • ALWAYS tag the photo and make it clear where the post came from
  • NEVER try to pass it off as your own content

Building trust within my community is my number one goal, and using these rules helps me a high level of trust and engagement. (I'm happy to expand further if you would like to know more.)

Contributors: Alysa Bajenaru from WAGS in Real Life

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#5 Don’t Post Only Reposts

Continually repost other people’s work. Instagram is a social network to share and distribute unique content, so if you’re active on the social platform you need to be creating your own content predominantly.

Contributors: Kim Artlip from IGNITE Wrestling

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#6 Don’t be that person

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘wow this photo is perfect if only the lighting was just a little different…’ don’t be that person. Each photo is a statement, and you wouldn’t like it if someone edited your statements.

Contributors: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

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#7 Only repost content that fits with your theme

If you're a food blog, it doesn't make sense to repost something about fashion. Stick with other food or restaurant accounts, and make sure that the colors in the photo fit your general theme as well.

Contributors: Candice Simons from Brooklyn Outdoor and J'adore Detroit

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#8 Encourage Your Audience to Follow The Source

When you’re sharing an inspiring article or picture from a business, don’t forget to prompt the people that follow you to check out that business as well! Odds are if you found it inspiring someone else will too, and they’ll want to see more content from that business. Taking that extra step to give them a shoutout and ask people to take a look at their account will motivate them to take action.

Contributors: Mallory Cates from Blue Compass

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