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Learn: 8 Best Computer Science Books for Beginners

Best Computer Coding Books for Beginners

As you begin your journey to becoming a fully fledged computer scientist, you’ll soon realize that books you can easily reference are a valuable asset. Here are the 8 (It’s actually more than 8) best computer science books for beginners whether you are enrolled in an online computer science course or learning on your own.

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#1 Cracking the Coding Interview By Gayle Laakmann McDowell

This book covers technology, companies by interview style, practice problems and additional info.


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#6 Python Programming By John Zelle

Python Programming is considered by many to be one of the best books on coding. It covers a wide range of topics from beginners computer science to complex ideas such as chaos theory. Despite its name, Python programming is much more than just python, it’s a fantastic introduction to coding.

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#7 Code By Charles Petzold

This book goes in-depth on the history of computers and how they have influenced today's world. Charles does a great job relating past technologies with new technologies. This book is for any technological skill level and gives great insights into the world of computing.

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