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20 Thoughtful And Unique Gift Suggestions For A Wedding

Here are 20 unique and thoughtful gifts for a wedding celebration that is sure to win the bride and grooms approval.

Each of the gifts on this list is suggested by Fupping contributors.

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#1 Anniversary Wine Box

Artificer Wood Works makes custom anniversary wine boxes that the couple would open on each milestone of their marriage (first, third, and fifth year anniversary). It's a really neat way to celebrate the years of marriage and a great keepsake/home decor piece.

Contributors: Angela Worley from LavidaMom

#2 Picnic Basket Set

A picnic basket set is a sweet wedding gift idea so that the couple can spend a romantic time outside at the park together. Sending it directly to the couple’s address may be a good idea since it’s a bit of a large gift!

Contributors: Anna Aufill from ElfShare

#5 Emily C Design

The patented (truly unique) Emily C design allows users to easily and quickly attach rings to the necklace, giving them a place to stay secure while applying lotion, working with your hands, or any of the daily tasks that could damage or dull something as precious as a wedding ring. Not to mention the necklace gives women a new way to style their rings.

Contributors: Hannah Rose

#6 Vertellis Relationship Edition

The most important thing in any relationship is communication and engaging in meaningful conversations has become increasingly difficult in today’s online world. Until now.

The mission of Vertellis is to bring people together. Vertellis is a game created by four friends in Amsterdam with the hopes of making a positive impact in the world by facilitating beautiful conversations.

Vertellis Relationship Edition is a game for couples. It retails at under $20 and is made with premium quality materials.

Contributors: Christina Nicholson from Media Maven

#7 Walnut Rounds

While milling a beautiful, fallen walnut tree, Alabama Sawyer realized that the limbs and branches are usually shamefully overlooked. These walnut rounds, also called cookies, offer a small batch product to bring a small piece of the urban forest into the home.

What a cool and unique wedding gift! Newlyweds can display jewelry or set up their favorite candle. Impress guests with the perfect centerpiece to serve a cheese plate or dessert at a holiday feast.

Contributors: Leigh Spencer from Cliff Spencer Furniture Maker

#11 Flex-It Silicone Mixing Bowls

These are a staple every couple should have in their home. The flexible silicone lets you create a lip anywhere along the rim for dripless pouring. They’re also heat resistant up to 490 degrees, so you can mix cooked or cold ingredients (great for tempering eggs!) But honestly, the best part is how easy they are to clean. I’m a sucker for anything dishwasher safe, and these come out clean every time.

Contributors: Lindsey McGee from 535 Media LLC

#12 Glass sculpture ‘Le Baiser‘ by Ghislène Jolivet

In need of something more than silverware or a crockpot? Looking for something special and one-of-a-kind. Browse Galerie Insighter’s online art gallery and find that something special for the new couple, such as a sculpture made out of two black and white hand-blown glass bottles that are kissing each other. The plus point: it is signed by the artist! A gift like this will only increase in value.

Contributors: Vanessa Métayer from Galerie Insighter

#13 ZIRUI GO Case

ZIRUI GO Case is a modular travel toiletry case that's sleek, secure and simple.

No one wants to carry their essential liquids in ugly cheap plastic refill bottles or have their liquids spilling over their belongs when they travel. With ZIRUI GO, they don't have to worry about bringing their liquid products and spilling them or losing them, everything is TSA approved and sleek and stylish!

Contributors: Regina from ZIRUI

#14 The Butler

Does the groom or bride lose their keys or wallet on a daily basis? If yes, this year gift the husband or wife their own personal butler! With a Butler to greet them at the door, they will have a sleek modern place to store their wallet, keys, and smartphone to eliminate the headache of misplacing personal items.

Contributors: Christina Micklish  from Micklish Studio

#15 Stainless Steel 2 in 1 Electric Wine Opener and Preserver

Is there anything more romantic than sharing a bottle of wine with your new husband or wife? This wine opener makes it easy to share a glass without the struggle of using a traditional corkscrew. You just press a button, and viola! Plus, the sealing function can be used up to 50 times on a single charge, so you can enjoy a whole bottle, or a single glass, without worrying about your wine turning to vinegar.

Contributors: Lindsey McGee from 535 Media LLC

#16 Sous Vide Immersion Cooker

I actually received one of these for my own wedding in April, and we are OBSESSED. This tool lets you cook meat, fish, and poultry to absolute perfection, while preserving the juices for a tender texture throughout. Plus, since the juices are preserved, there’s no need for excess oil and butter, making this a great option for couples who want to be healthier! A sous vide steak + some red wine = a perfect romantic night.

Contributors: Lindsey McGee from 535 Media LLC

#18 Dream Catcher Filigree Pendant

You give this beautiful necklace to the bride-to-be to help her manifest the happy relationship she wants in the years ahead. The bride-to-be writes down her hopes and dreams for her marriage on a piece of paper fortune cookie size then slips it into the gorgeous filigree pendant. The DREAM CATCHER helps her stay focused on the happiness, love, support (and babies if she wants them!) she desires with her husband to help her better manifest the happily ever after she dreams about.

Contributors: Karen Salmansohn from NotSalmon

#19 Eucalyptus Steam Shower Sprays

This line of Eucalyptus Steam Shower Sprays would make a great gift for a wedding. To use, give a couple of sprays towards the shower floor and enjoy the inhalation benefits as the steam rises and turns your shower into your very own spa.

Made with 100% pure eucalyptus oil, it is sure to make her shower experience extraordinary. It makes an especially great gift because it provides a relaxing and aromatherapeutic spa experience that both bride and grooms can enjoy.

Contributions: Magdalena Tan from Travertine Spa

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