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6 Unique Gift Suggestions For Your Best Friend

Looking for that thoughtful and unique gift for your best friend can be a challenge. Luckily for you, we have gathered together 6 unique gifts that would put a smile on any best friends face.

#1 Recycled CopperJewelry

From the creator: I create unique nature-inspired wire wrapped and recycled copper jewelry. One of my top seller categories is my wire wrapped Tree of Life necklaces. I've recently created some pieces that are make to order so folks can purchase the same one. So best friends can both adorn the same piece.

Contributors: Barb Sadek fromΒ BetwixtTheNethers

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#2 BuddhiBox

It is said that β€œThe best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other Β deserves the world.” Show your fierce besties some love with a subscription to BuddhiBox, a monthly subscription box filled with inspiration to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.

Each BuddhiBox is filled with four to six full sized cruelty-free, allnatural yoga products designed to inspire you and your gal pals to keep your minds and bodies active. Plus, some bonus items. Gifting your GFs with a BuddhiBox will give them a friendly reminder (who couldn’t use one of those!) each month to keep their buddhis moving.

Contributors: Maxine Chapman from BuddhiBox

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#3 A Planner Is A Girl’s Best Friend

From the creator: I am the creator of a planner/journal series called A Planner Is A Girl's Best Friend and Diary of a Strong Bold Diva, both make a great gift for best friends.

Contributors: Eartha Watts Hicks from EarthaWattsHicks

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#4 Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel

Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel gift for bff's. Β Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel is a patented product that stops frizz and damage to hair. It's a hair towel made from a super soft fabric on the outside and an ultra-absorbent cloth on the inside. This is a one of kind product that allows you to have beautiful hair with less effort and fewer products. It is also machine washable and reusable.

Contributors: Heidi Wicker from Hair Remedie

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#5 ZIRUI GO Case

ZIRUI GO Case is a modular travel toiletry case that's sleek, secure and simple.

From the company: We try to solve the pains of traveling with liquid care products in a beautiful and artistic way.

No one wants to carry their essential liquids in ugly cheap plastic refill bottles or have their liquids spilling over their belongs when they travel. With ZIRUI GO, they don't have to worry about bringing their liquid products and spilling them or losing them, everything is TSA approved and sleek and stylish! This would be a great gift for any friends that love to travel or simply want an easier way to carry all of their essential beauty products on the go!

Contributors: Regina from ZIRUI

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#6 Flutterby Mascara Shield

This dual-purpose beauty tool, the Flutterby Mascara Shield, solves the age-old problems of mascara smudges during application and mascara clumps. It is the perfect best friend gift because it is useful, thoughtful, affordable and fun!

Contributors:Β Julie Berkos from Simpl

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