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The Ultimate European Food & Wine Tour

You have just finished reading five chapters of your history book and the test is in two days. Out of the 200 pages on the development of Roman civilization, you have no idea what could possibly be in the 50 question test that determines half of your grade. And BOOM, your saving grace, your Rosetta Stone, a study guide goes out from your professor. A study guide, your road-map, and direction of information. GoEuro feels like your road-map to seeking out the best experiences in Europe. GoEuro is a web-based and mobile app, that provides a search of trains, busses, and planes to fit any traveler’s needs and ensures that you will get to your destination efficiently.

When it comes to traveling in Europe, the most exciting and best-tasting attraction of them all are the restaurants. Instagram-worthy pictures of Italy’s creamiest gelato or France’s beef bourguignon will make your friend’s mouths water in jealousy. The Ultimate 5-Stop European Food Tour is your guide and will only cost around €200.

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#1 Destination: Florence, Italy

With a serene landscape and plenty of restaurants, Florence proves to be a cuisine capital. Appreciate the fine works of Michelangelo, while enjoying a refreshing scoop of gelato from a one-of-a-kind shop. The Florentine people hold hospitality to a high degree making for a warm experience at any restaurant in town.

#2 Destination: Milan, Italy

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With a quick two-hour train ride north, the adventures of Milan await. An atmosphere driven by the arts gives life to the food it serves. The creative, yet original dishes served in Milan will put your grandma’s cooking to shame and make for a memorable experience. 

#3 Destination: Paris, France

No one forgets the first time they caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower and neither should you. Whether it be holding a French baguette or a crisp glass of champagne, enjoy authentic Parisian eateries, while getting there easily by train, bus or plane with GoEuro.

#4 Destination: Bordeaux, France

Aujourd'hui @flavioleflamant affronte vents et marées sur la place de la Bourse... La belle vie quoi! ?

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Explore France’s wine-country, Bordeaux and never you’ll never have to put down your glass. A vibrant and historical city with almost as many architecturally revered buildings as Paris, makes Bordeaux a famous destination. Surrounding are endless acres of vineyards for locals and tourists to savor.

#5 Destination: San Sebastian, Spain

Plan your next trip on the bus or train from Bordeaux to San Sebastian, Spain and in no-time you will be gazing at the long stretch of the Atlantic coast. The city is a cultural hotspot and emanates a laid-back attitude making it attractive to all ages. Having Spanish tapas is the only way to approach food in Spain and the serving sizes will leave you satisfied for days. 

#6 Make your trip around Europe a memorable one

It is finally test day and you ace it because of your road-map, I mean study-guide. Make your trip around Europe a memorable one filled with cultural gastronomy at the centerfold with GoEuro. A city is only as good as its food, so let GoEuro be your guide. 

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