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Inspiration: 13 Unique And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Co-Workers

Buying presents for co-workers is never easy. Finding the perfect balance between playful, polite and appropriate is a never-ending challenge. Here to help you out are 13 ideas of gifts you could give your co-workers. From serious to funny, there is something here for everyone.

#1 Kapow Meggings

Meggings are a great gift; they make for a unique surprise; they’re GREAT conversation starters for other co-workers; they’re surprisingly comfortable; and they’re fun!

Contributor: Jordan Barnett from

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  1. I got a pair of these as a gift before a festival and they were a massive hit. Ladies loved them, specifically the ladies loved me in them

#2 Skylight Frame

Skylight is a new kind of digital photo frame that's getting huge adoption! Parents love putting the frame on their work desk and showcasing photos of their families (without the hassle of printing or adding clutter).

Contributor: Andrea Gonzalez from

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#3 Eat Your Coffee

These bars are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and packed with 80mg of caffeine from real, fair trade roasted coffee!

Eat Your Coffee Bars are the perfect gift to help someone through that 3pm slump at the office.

Contributor: Johnny Fayad from

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#4 Dr. Motion Socks

Dr. Motion socks are a new line of compression socks for both women and men that come in a huge array of colors and styles, even novelty prints like footballs, animals, polka dots… you name it!

Want to read more reviews or buy this gift? Click here.

Contributor: Madeline Johnson from

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#5 The Dombey Pint (

Give your co-workers their favorite craft beers in a personalized way. You can order this beer-sized glass and have it custom-stamped with their name or possibly the company name in caps on the bottom. If not a name, you can choose from a bunch of the other cool stamps that GlassblowerBen makes.

Contributor: Cory

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#6 ECOSBreeze Room Sprays

ECOSBreeze™ Room Spray brings the freshness of nature into your home. With a unique selection of five Signature Scents, each bottle of ECOSBreeze™ Room Spray is infused with a custom, hand-crafted blend of essential oils designed with you in mind.

Contributor: Dara

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#7 Whiskers

Whiskers is a distinctive shoelaces brand for otherwise boring shoe holes. The colored shoelaces are held together by premium aglets that bring sophistication to their quirky sense. They also come wrapped around a wooden spool, which adds charm to the packaging of the product. Whiskers come in many colors and fit all shoe holes, they’re perfect gifts for all men with style or men’ that need to amp up their style. $14.99 across the board, with many styles to choose from.

Contributors: Brian Kelly and Sean Koski of Ticket2Events

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#8 Lavazza Blue Espresso Intenso

For that co-worker who NEEDS their espresso! A blend of excellent Arabica from Brazil and Central America (40%) and Robusta from Southeast Asia (60%). 

Get a double result with just one capsule! Lavazza BLUE is easy and straightforward to use, bringing the perfect espresso within everyone's reach. The exclusive technology of Lavazza BLUE espresso machines, combined with a series of equally innovative capsules, sealed in a protective atmosphere.

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#9 Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club is a coffee subscription designed to share the world's best coffee. From Papua New Guinea to Peru, Burundi to Brazil, each month they highlight coffee, and culture from a new country... 

Contributor: Jordan Rosenacker

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#10 FreshPaper

FreshPaper is a small sheet made with organic botanicals that naturally extends the shelf life of produce (in and out of the fridge). They also have a sheet made specifically for bread, as well as cheese. This allows food to be fresher longer and will require fewer trips to the grocery store. 

This is a perfect product for consumers who need to manage their food budget. Employees can make a salad for the week and stick 1 sheet of FreshPaper in the salad to delay spoiling!

These cheese food saver sheets can be purchased at HSN in packets of 3.

Contributor: Natasha Samuel

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#11 Franca Rebecci

Franca Rebecci is a Brazilian-style truffle company which also produces cannoli and cones. They specialize in customization and can create unique colors, flavors, dietary and allergy-free recipes. Their gift boxes can be ordered in a variety of sizes and a mix of flavors perfect for that coworker you kinda know or the one you know really well!

Contributor: Stephanie Taylor

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#12 The Gifted Rat

Give a gift of humor. 

A pet. Not a real pet. 

With care instructions. 

And adoption certificate. 

Great for a laugh. 

And looks perfect on a desk. 

Or for hiding in a drawer for a coworker to find. 

Contributor: Deborah

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#13 10th Avenue Tea

Make tea hot or cold right at your desk.

No plastic pods, no drippy tea bags—this delicious, all-natural tea powder dissolves instantly, whether served hot or iced. It’s not only good for your health, it comes in a recyclable aluminum shaker that’s good for Mother Earth. 

10th Avenue Tea has no calories, sweeteners or preservatives. There are four matcha flavors—Green, Black, Chai and Tropical—plus Herbal Berry. They’re sold in handy shaker bottles and half-pound resealable pouches. 

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