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What is Fupping? (Update 1 – 10th March 2018)

The idea

Fupping is a revolutionary up and coming content creation platform. The world of online media is a constantly changing and evolving landscape. Fupping aims to revolutionise the industry by putting the power to create back in the hands of you, the readers.
Not only do we want our readers to have the power to create and sculpt the future of our company, we want them to profit from our success. We currently have a revenue share platform program offering writers the chance to profit from their work.

How It Works

For people who come and write for us, it is a very simple system. You write interesting and engaging content and you earn from it. However, behind the scenes, a lot more is going on. Our custom platform reports back earnings to individuals using cookie tracking through well over 250 affiliate programs.
This is no small task and takes a team of people a lot of work to get working smoothly. We also assign affiliate managers to each writer to help guide them through their writing experience.

The Team

A lot of our work, to keep costs down, is outsourced. In the future we will work to keep it all in house, but at the moment that is not financially feasible for us.
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Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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