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10 Cheap Gifts You Can Get On Amazon For Under $10

Have a birthday coming up and you don’t have time to go out and buy a present? Or feeling too lazy? Or maybe you don’t have the money for any? Fear not, for has got you covered. All the items listed below won’t cost you a cent more than $10, and you don’t even have to pay for shipping!

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#1 Clear Waterproof Playing Cards

Bring out your inner magician when using these cards. These clear cards add beauty to whatever magic trick you show to your audience. And thes are 100% waterproof - perfect to take to the beach, pool or, even for pre drinks if you're a bunch of mad students! All just for under $10.

#2 LEGO Corn Cob Guy

Ah, LEGO never fails to amuse me. Even now, LEGO continues to pump out cool, interesting or funny collectible figures. If you own a LEGO collection, make sure you add Corn Cob Guy to it. But you better get him quick, people seem to like the under $7 price tag on him.

#3 My Neighbour Totoro Pillow

Studio Ghibli has always astounded us with their amazing artwork, visuals, characters and stories through all the animated movies they have made. My Neighbour Totoro is no exception. You can pick up a very cute pillow of Totoro himself for just $8.99.

#4 Fluffy Fox Keychain

Another absolutely adorable item. Its fluffy ball-shaped has a great, soft hand feeling. This fox is the perfect companion for any of your keys, be it car keys, house keys etc. Pick up this little fellow for just under $10.

#5 Spiked Steampunk Goggles

An incredibly cool set of goggles that one could wear during any party. One could even say that this is a necessity for a Steampunk’s wardrobe. The goggles are quite durable, and you could even wear them while swimming! And it won’t even cost you more than $6.50.

#7 Ty Tauri Cat Plushie

Awww, look at how adorable it is~! A beautiful plushie for anyone who fancies cute and cuddly things. This is made from Ty’s best-selling fabric - Ty Silk, and is created with fantastic custom eyes. Peek-a-boo, they want to come home with you! You can have this adorable critter for under $9.

#8 Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

Are you a Hunger Games fan? If yes, you 100% NEED to get this item! This gorgeous pin is a replica of the same Mockingjay pin the main character of Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen, uses. A must-have for any Hunger Games fan, and it comes with the low price of under $3.

#9 Reading Lamp Bookmark

This is probably one of the most ingenious creations I have ever seen. If you love reading books, you need one of these. It is easily one of the quirkiest things on this list. After all, it “sheds light” on your last read page! You can have this as an awesome bookmark for under $9.

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