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5 Benefits in Joining a Five-Day Kakadu 4WD Tour

Located in Australia’s Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park is a vast nature reserve that is home to a variety of wildlife, wetlands, and sandstone escarpments. Among the many awesome things to see are the Aboriginal rock paintings as well as crocodiles. To make sure you experience the most this remarkable territory has to offer, you should consider some of the many benefits a 5 Day Kakadu 4wd tour can offer.

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1. Nourlangie and Ubirr art sites

At Nourlangie Rock, you can learn about the local Aboriginal people who lived in the area. Archaeologists have uncovered rock paintings, artifacts, and shelters dated back 20,000 years on up to their original contact with explorers from Europe. There is a 1.5 km that walk doubles as an outdoor museum rich with the culture and traditions of the Aborigines.

During the walk, you can explore the Gunwarddehwardde Lookout which avails you of the spectacular sight of the Arnhem Land escarpment comprised of gorgeous sandstone cliffs and beautiful woodlands. The Anbangbang Gallery and Shelter provides visitors with a vast amount of painting styles that span numerous time periods and display a variety of artistic subjects. For instance, visitors can enjoy depictions of lightning man (Namarrgon), x-ray paintings of fish and animals, and fascinating paintings that tell the story of the first contact with European explorers.

In addition to learning about the Aboriginal culture, there are a variety of animals to enjoy along the walk, such as the black wallaroo, helmeted friar birds, and banded fruit-doves.

At Ubirr, another magical place filled with Aboriginal art, you can learn about the Rainbow Serpent as well as explore the Nadab Lookout. This lookout provides breathtaking panoramic views of the floodplain and Arnhem Land.

2. Twin Falls

One of the two major waterfalls in Kakadu, Twin Falls Gorge cascades down a 150 m cliff into a crystal-clear pool below. Access is possible only during the dry season. The floating boardwalk and pristine water provide amazing views of the aquatic life. In addition to the life in the water, a walk along this boardwalk reveals the magnificence of the falls.

3. Yellow Water cruise

If you yearn to see a crocodile in its natural habitat, a Yellow Water Cruise will not disappoint. This Aboriginal-owned cruise provides an extraordinary journey through the Kakadu wetlands where you will discover the awe-inspiring scenery, the world-famous Yellow Water Billabong, and endemic wildlife.

Home to as many as 60 bird species, this part of the world is truly a birdwatcher’s paradise. Among the most plentiful are the magpie geese and whistling ducks, however you will catch a glimpse of eagles soaring overhead and likely see the brolgas dancing. Of course, you should make sure to view the floodplains as you will undoubtedly see the buffalo enjoying their day.

4. Aboriginal cultural experience

The chance to interact with Manuel Pamkal, the the top Aboriginal Artist, is something you will always cherish. You can ask questions about his painting style, the Aboriginal culture, and learn about how he lives off the land.

You will also learn about the weapons he uses. Additionally, he is the winner of the 2013 Tourism NT Brolga award for outstanding interpretive guide. As such, he enthralls listeners with information about such things as tribal life, growing up in the bush, and his own family tree. As an extra added treat, he plays a traditional welcoming tune on his didgeridoo.

This is a truly hands on experience as Manuel teaches the technique of cross hatch (Rarrk painting) as you work on your own creation. He also demonstrates the use of a Woomera and Spear, weapons he uses in his daily life. You can also learn the ancient ways of lighting a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

Finally, wildlife is once again a part of the experience as you have an exciting opportunity to interact with joey wallabies.

5. Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge)

Nitmiluk National Park encompasses 13 sandstone gorges, including the remarkable Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge that glows as the light changes throughout the day. Among the many things to include taking a boat cruise, hiking, or even canoeing.

Paddling along the gorge, you will see Aboriginal rock art, wildlife, and of course waterfalls. For a beautiful view of the gorge, you should tackle the moderately challenging Windolf Walk up to Pat’s Lookout.

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