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How You Can Promote Your Business Using Your Own Custom Merchandise

Custom merchandise is an excellent way of promoting your business products and services if you have started new or have been operating for a while. Easy and convenient, custom merchandise creates a long-lasting brand memory in the minds of prospective customers.

You offer a precious gift to your customers for free, and in return, you can seek repeated purchased, customer loyalty, and many more benefits. It could be a mug, a cap, a T-shirt, or a mouse pad; promotional gifts are attractive enough to entice your customer base. Here are concrete ways by which you can utilize your custom merchandise correctly.

Promote through social media channels

In this advanced digital age, we cannot forget the magic of social media. It is not sufficient to have handles; a business should also organize multiple giveaways to its customers. It could be a Twitter, Facebook, or an Instagram giveaway, but it must be eye-catching for the new customers. People will like, comment, suggest, share, and appreciate your products and services instantly if they know they will receive gifts in return.

You can expect a medium-to-massive response to these giveaways, be prepared for the same.

Opt for a print on demand facility

Are you scared that you might end up stocking unsold promotional items? Then, here is the solution. We suggest you go for a print-on-demand facility so that you do not have to store an inventory of products. When a customer makes an online purchase, it will be routed to the nearby print facility, and the proper order will be processed sequentially.

No risks of unnecessary stock lying in your racks! You can enjoy the revenue, without worrying about the number of items sold. Small-scale businesses should seek the advantages of this facility, to promote, sell, and earn more.

Free gifts for the survey participants

You must have heard of all these surveys carried on by business enterprises these days. Of course, large numbers of customers are participating in the same to earn money or to enhance product quality. Surveys are a great way of seeking genuine feedback, ratings, and reviews and to make improvements in the products and services.

You can dole out promotional gifts, such as promotional pens, to everyone participating in the survey, or you can have a final draw. It all depends on your budget. In this way, you not only seek constructive feedback for your business but also attract customers for relevant purchases.

Rewards for customer loyalty

Maybe, you are running a medium-sized business and have a certain number of customers who make repeated purchases? Hey, these customers are your pillars, and you ought to strengthen your relationship with them. They spend time and money in browsing your website and purchasing your products and services. Don’t they deserve a warm ‘thank you’ from your side?

According to promotional products are the best ways to reward the customers for the loyalty they have towards your products. Create some innovative ways to announce rewards. You could be offering as a prize, or a drawing, or for placing an order above a certain amount, or for being a regular customer. If you want to more personalized, then mark their birthdays and anniversaries, and gift them!

Bonus gifts on new product purchases

If you have recently launched a product, then a bonus, promotional gift is a wise idea. Don’t forget to print your logo on the free item. Customers love gifts, and when they read that there is a new product with a free one, they will surely purchase it.

As a result, you not only promote and sell more of your newly launched product but also seek more customers. Try to be a little relevant while choosing the promotional item. For instance, if there is a rainy season going on, then you can give away free umbrellas as promotional items.

In a nutshell, you can have loads of creative promotions with the help of custom merchandise. It displays brand awareness, recognition, and serves as an ‘indirect business card’ of your business. Instead of perceiving it as an expense, make it more fun and exciting.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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