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Tips to Calculate Long Distance Moving Costs Efficiently

Relocating from one place to another usually involves a lot of money. You have to spend on packing all your stuff, factor in insurance premiums and shipping charges and then, also pay quite some cash while setting up your new habitat. There is no way you can evade the factor of cost while moving from one habitat to another. The cost of moving increases significantly when it is long distance relocation. There is the aspect of distance that you have to consider here. The greater the distance, the more will you have to dish out from your pockets.

But, just because you know that you have to spend a substantial amount on the relocation, it does not mean that you should let your hair down and spend recklessly. There is a process to everything, and you must adhere to that. We shall look into the method of calculating the costs of a long-distance move so that you do not feel violated by the moving agencies and pay only the just amount and nothing more than that.

Care to Prepare A Careful Budget

Working on a budget is an essential part of calculating your costs of relocation. It is, in fact, the very first step. Begin by dividing your budget into three broad categories. The first should be your pre-moving phase, the second should be the transit phase, and the third should be your post-moving phase. Once you have all the expenses listed down in each of these phases, it will be easy for you to put things into perspective and consider the costs adequately.

The Pre-Moving Phase

The pre-moving phase is usually the phase where you chalk out a plan, dig around for the best movers and packers in town and arrange for the required funds to pay for the process. A lot of effort and careful planning goes into this phase. The costs that you are most likely to have in this time frame are the cost of carton boxes, wrapping materials, buying some extra pieces of luggage and the like. Most of the expenses would be catering to packing and buying stuff for packing.

While you go out to shop for bags and packing materials, make sure you look only for the ones high in quality. Sure, money is an essential factor. But do not settle on the quality. Your stuff has to cover a long distance. Therefore, it is not wise to compromise with the quality and take chances. What you must do is find a middle ground. Do not spend without restrain or beyond your budget, but also do not get some shoddy one-time-use bags. Browse through stores to find the best ones. It might take some effort and more time than usual, but it will be worth it.

The Transit

The biggest cost that you will have in this phase is the cost of moving, which does not require spelling out. You need to hire the right movers and packers and pay them for the process. Also, when it is long-distance relocation, you need to consider the shipping charges. This is the phase where you shall be spending the most. Therefore, calculate all the costs before actually going through the process. There are several sites where you can find the right estimate for the entire ritual of relocation. There are calculators which make the process quite easy. Some sites teach how to calculate long distance moving costs. Browse through them, get an estimate and then get going. The transit also involves insurance, which brings in the factor of premiums. Therefore, when you are calculating costs, you have to consider even the tiniest of expense. All of these add up to make for an enormous sum of money.

The Post-Moving Phase

The post-moving phase also brings in the question of adjusting with your new standard of living. You need to shop for groceries, essential household items and things that you left behind at your older place because they were too much to carry over to the new place. You need to understand how much moving across states or countries is giving you back on your investment. Your new job or source of income should be able to able to cover at least a part of your investment into this relocation. If it does not make up for at least half of the cost, then it is of no use. Therefore, think before you leap.


Relocation is a huge process. It has to be well researched and thought out before you can go through with it. It is not something you can decide on doing one fine day, without elaborate and extensive planning. While you are relocating from one place to another, there will always be chances to misplace things or lose out on money. Therefore, make sure that your move is worth every penny, or it will haunt you till the end of time.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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