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Marketing Exhibition Approach

Here are five basic ways of marketing exhibition approach for small businesses:

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1.  Adding Digital Accounts

Adding your digital accounts to printed ads is the commonest approach to integrating digital and traditional marketing. For instance, many of us are quite familiar with businesses that include their social media handles, email addresses, website address and even online address on a billboard such as when you rent LED screens.  Truth is, as the target audience becomes curious by the images, colors, designs, and writing on printed ads, they also get familiarized with the digital marketing part which is seeing a twitter page address or Facebook handle written below the billboard or even stands for trade shows in Miami. If you are looking for a lavish style and flair that attracts only the classiest of crowds, then, Miami is your best foot forward. This approach is highly effective because the target audience can always browse or search the addresses on the internet using digital means like PCs or smartphones.

2.  Maximizing TV ads

One of the easy methods to integrate the target audience to the landing page of many websites is by using TV ads. Although, it is true that TV ads are quite expensive and doesn’t run long term as you would have to renew your bills every quarter of the year if you want your ads to be consistent on the platform. It has been said according to reports, over 30% of the target audience becomes motivated and interested in watching a TV ad. Therefore, it is quite crucial to give detailed information about the appropriate website or page via the platform.

3.  Inclusion of a QR Code and Barcode

Inclusion of a QR code or a barcode that lead to appropriate social media or web page is another popular method of integrating traditional and digital marketing. The truth is, the target audience still read printed magazines and newspapers. They can easily be purchased around the streets or major road, hence, proximity isn’t an issue. If you read the ad section on printed platforms, you are likely to see a QR code or a barcode that can be scanned with smartphones and this would direct you to a specific web page or social media page without having to even type the web address. This is an effective tool for generating traffic to a webpage resulting in a pilot of sales.

4. Running Digital Magazine and Newsletter Campaigns

Running digital magazine and newsletter campaigns using direct emails is also an effective way of integrating traditional and digital marketing. Upon collection and collation from various target sources, why not have a digital brochure or newsletter or flyer sent directly to their inbox? Most businesses and companies are working zealously today so as to convert their printed ad into digital media and thereafter, forward the digital media to target audience email addresses. The rest can be shared on social media and web pages effectively.

5.  Spoken Words Marketing Strategy

Lastly, an effective traditional marketing strategy is spoken words. This can be effectively maximised to reach the target audience of the existence of launching of a web page or social media page. This can effectively be utilized at the point of sales where marketing agents make efforts to inform the target audience about the new inventory. Following the same thoughts, the target audience can as well be informed at the point of sales that the brand has an online platform which is even more convenient.


Truth is, even though more brands and businesses are focusing more on digital marketing, integrating the two marketing strategies as highlighted above will give better results. It will be more beneficial for businesses when they analyze and bring the benefits of the two marketing strategies together, whether you are a startup or a seasoned brand.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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