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Benefits Of Getting A Boerboel Puppy Dog

The Boerboel is a dog breed native to South Africa. Its name comes from the term “Boer,” which means “farmer” in Afrikaans or Dutch. Its strength impresses many household owners and can be a brave pup for loving dog owners. Like other breeds, owning this dog has its advantages. Continue reading to know five benefits of owning this dog breed.

1. Intelligent

Owning a Boerboel puppy dog means possessing an intelligent pup. With proper training, dog owners may find this breed easier to train than other K-9 varieties. Its intelligence may stem from its natural pack instincts. Hence, if they see you as a good leader, then your Boerboel may easily follow your command.

While it’s intelligent, don’t expect your Boerboel puppy to follow your commands instantly. Dog training still requires time, effort, and dedication. Repetition is the key to letting your dog master the techniques you impart to them.

Nonetheless, a properly trained Boerboel may grow into a strong watchdog. Don’t mistake the easy-going personality of this puppy during its pre-adolescent stages. As it grows with proper love, care, and training, you’ll find that it cthan protect its owners with great courage. If you want to take a quick look at a Boerboel, check the video below:

2. Courageous

Many Boerboels are naturally brave. Dog owners and other passers-by will see these dogs as large and in charge. Homeowners with this breed guarding their dwellings may feel they have an extra layer of protection while sleeping at night.

Furthermore, many Boerboels are loyal. These dogs may exercise force on any offender that might bring harm to their owners. Consider buying a puppy with this breed when planning to make your home safe.

Like humans, dogs have personalities as well. Don’t disregard its character for blind loyalty. Make sure to give it lots of love and care during its life. In return, your Boerboel might even lay down its life for you when it counts.

3. Exercise

Several benefits exist when taking your dog out for a walk. Walking a Boerboel is no exception to that rule. Many dog owners might even find it a blessing to walk a Boerboel as it gives both parties proper exercise.

Its large size means that this dog breed has enough energy to walk around your neighborhood and back to your home. At the same time, you’ll get extra exercise to help shed a few additional pounds.

Remember, walking a Boerboel helps it stay in shape. Its large size may become a deterrent if you overfeed this dog and leave it to its nature to sleep all day. As such, make it a habit to let it out for walks. Create a daily routine wherein you have to step out of the house with it, and you may find yourself and your Boerboel to be in top shape (with proper diet).

4. Long Life Expectancy

Dog years differ from human years. For example, one year for a typical human being may be equivalent to 15 dog years. With that in mind, many interested dog owners go for the Boerboel because of its long life.

With proper diet, exercise, and care, the Boerboel may live for about 10 to 12 years. Thus, that may be equivalent to 150 to 180 dog years.

Make sure to visit your veterinarian regularly to make sure your Boerboel puppy is in good shape and away from sickness. However, your dog isn’t completely immune to certain illnesses. Therefore, visit your veterinarian as soon as possible when you see signs of disease inhabiting your furry companion. Also, make sure your Boerboel receives its regular shots to help it live a life for as long as possible.

5. An Outdoor Breed

Many Boerboels like to thrive in the great outdoors. However, its strong legs and healthy body may require homeowners to put up tall fencing to keep their Boerboel from running around the neighborhood unsupervised.

Still, this idea may prove beneficial to homeowners who live in dwellings with tight spaces. The massive physique of the Boerboel might become cumbersome as it may accidentally knock over items around the house.

Thus, if you want your Boerboel pup to stay in your front or backyard, the dog might not hesitate to run outside.

Boerboels are also great for being dog show breeds. You can make it “strut its stuff” with proper training and care in front of judges if you desire. Nonetheless, this dog breed is also excellent as a stay-at-home pet. Consider these advantages when you’re planning to add a four-legged companion in your household.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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