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Men’s Outfit Ideas for a Night Out

Whether you’re headed out for a date, an intimate family celebration, or some clubbing with your friends, it’s important to separate the casual style and the outfit style for a night out in order to look interesting.

Here are some of the best men’s outfit ideas that will make you look good and feel confident on your next night out:

Date Outfit Ideas

Pull off a smart, casual look

Sure, you want to dress to impress. But at the same time, you want your date to have a feel of your personality. The key to a perfect date night outfit is striking the balance between a sharp, smart look and a casual look. Go for an unstructured blazer and an overshirt as your top layer. If you want, you can wear a roll neck or knitted polo instead of a shirt.

Classic outfit for a textbook dinner date

A classic dinner date calls for a classic, foolproof look. But you don’t want to look like you came straight from the office! Go for something chic yet simple. Take out your white shirt, wool trousers, and leather belt. Layer your look with a brown suede jacket.

Go splashy for a movie date

You want to look cool and comfortable. If you’re headed for a cinema date, you can play with colors and patterns that make a louder statement and opt for luxe fabrics. It’s time to work your way from the bottom up, with more focus on your footwear. There are different types of men’s shoes that are perfect for date nights and it is very important that you choose the right footwear. For cinema dates, you can go splashy with your favorite sneaker.

Clubbing Outfit Ideas

Keep in style with a button-up shirt

When you are not familiar with the club’s dress code, you won’t go wrong with wearing an Oxford-style outfit, such as a button-up shirt. For a classic look, wear a white shirt and make your look more interesting with a few accessories.

Jeans for a casual style

A denim shirt is a more stylish option for more casual venues. Jeans don’t just look cool. They are also comfortable to wear. Alternately, you can top your white shirt with a denim jacket and pair it with fitted jeans. Here are some ways to look great on jeans:

  • A plain T-shirt, blue denim jeans, and sneakers (You don’t always have to stick to white shirts. Go and wear your favorite color!). If it’s a little too cold outside, layer with a bomber jacket.
  • Plain Henley T-shirt, denim jeans, and boots
  • Plaid shirt, denim jeans, and boots
  • Polo T-shirt, trousers, and loafers
  • Denim shirt, denim pants, and formal shoes

Laidback outfit for the pub

When going to a pub, looking sharp isn’t the way to go. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable. Pub outfits offer absolute wardrobe freedom. You’ll do well with trainers, shirt and hoodie, or an oversized neon war core. What you need the most though, is a good jacket. It will get very cold early in the morning. For your pants, jeans are the best choice because they match almost any color.

Restaurant/Dinner Outfit Ideas

Smart casual is a safe choice

If you’re unsure about the type of restaurant you and your date or friends are checking out for the evening, choose a casual outfit. It’s the perfect style because it won’t make you look out of place whether you’re having some beer and burger, or tasting a menu at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Neutral blazer for a laidback appeal

For the jacket, you will certainly do well with a twill or wool blazer in earthy or neutral colors. This makes it easy to choose a nice pair of shoes.

Crew neck for a winter dinner date

Even when it’s snowing out there, you can pull off a stylish outfit that will keep you warm and comfortable with a cardigan over an oxford or a crew neck sweater. Throw on a colorful tie to make your look more interesting. Finish your look with accessories, such as wool, tweed or plaid scarf, and a fedora hat.

Crew jumper for a family dinner

Crew jumpers make an excellent choice for family dinners because apart from being easy to style, they’re also incredibly comfy to wear (you won’t worry about feeling stuffy). Great color pics are black, white, and burgundy as they can easily be paired with black shoes. Don’t forget your leather jacket, or a bomber for a more casual look when the weather turns chilly

Different night-outs call for different approaches. Whether you’re going out on a date, a celebration with friends, a family dinner, or some clubbing with friends, it is important to wear something comfortable and stylish, and suitable for the occasion. With these outfit ideas, you can be confident that you will look and feel great on your next night out.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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