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7 Reasons Why E-Books Cannot Replace Paper Books

E-books reading keeps becoming more and more popular since technology keeps progressing, and more devices become convenient for reading. At the same time, paper books remain to be the best resource for reading due to many reasons. Here’s the list of some of them explaining why you shouldn’t worry will ebooks replace paper books or not.

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1. You can’t smell electronic books

It’s rather the pleasant feeling of feeling a paper book that matters as opposed to the lack of senses that you get with reading books on a device. When you come to the bookstore, you have a variety of visuals to get attracted to because you can take a look at all of them simultaneously. The recently published, new paper items don’t only make the crispy sound when you turn the pages but also smell like nothing else in the world. Reading a paper book becomes an experience full of aesthetics and triggers your senses, which provides positive emotions in addition to activating your brain in terms of the imagination.

2. Paper books don’t have to be charged

You most likely stop wondering will ebooks replace paper books when your device dies. The thing is that you don’t get your reading interrupted when you read a paper book since it doesn’t need any additional service. You just have to take a little bit of care of your paper versions, but it’s definitely much less effort put when compared to what you have to worry about with e-books reading. You only have to buy a book, and you’re ready to read for free, with nothing else needed to look for online.

3. E-books reading is more difficult for students

Students obviously have to use publications for their studying, which includes both the preparation for exams and essay writing. But it’s not that easy to search for information online and take notes at the same time since you have to switch between the tabs too often. Of course, if you’re using a service like PaperAp, education is less challenging for you. But students that prefer to complete tasks on their own will get tired of going through multiple tabs or pages of electronic versions while paper books will simplify the job.

4. Visiting bookstores is another level of pleasure

Going to a bookstore can never be compared to downloading a book that you’ve found online after browsing through numerous “top X” lists and reading it on a device. When you enter a bookstore, you get to take a look at them, use the service of shop assistants to get advice, and actually check on the writing. You don’t need to have an Internet connection, download anything or tap on all e-books reading websites and apps to find what you want to read. Instead, the colorful bookshelves invite you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of essay, novel or story writers and poets. And you’re allowed to steal a few words from every book you find attractive.

5. You can see how much is left

Reading a paper book means that you’re holding it and can physically sense the weight of words. Putting it differently, e-books reading allows you to see how many pages you have already read and how many of them are left in numbers. But you can see how big the story is and make it visually smaller for you while proceeding with it. Especially, this is the most satisfying for students: education publications can get overwhelming, and seeing that not so much is left reminds that the semester is going to be over soon.

6. You can’t start e-books reading until the downloading is completed

While looking for books to download online is already a tiring process, you can’t actually access them until the file has been downloaded completely. The reason is that you don’t download it page by page; instead, you either get the entire file with the book or no book at all. But paper versions don’t cause this problem: you go to a store, buy a book and start reading it. Then you mark the place where you stop to resume the reading later. No waiting until the text loads or again, the device charges.

7. Borrow paper books for free

With e-books reading, you need to look for free versions, which is pirating, purchase them or buy app or website subscriptions. But paper books give you a wonderful opportunity to borrow them from others, which is great when you’re a student. Regardless of whether you need one for essay writing, education in general, or personal purposes, you can get the book for free or buy a used one for a ridiculously low price. In fact, the latter often contain personal notes and highlights made by the previous owner, which adds to the uniqueness of the experience when you read it.

As you can see, there are so many benefits of reading paper books as compared to e-books reading. These are not essential, and electronic versions can do it if you just want to get the information from a book. However, paper books just make the entire experience much more pleasant for you and make a delightful impression on you for a long time. Therefore, there’s no need to wonder will ebooks replace paper books since it’s not likely that they will.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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