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Travel Watches Everyone Should Have in Their Luggage

In every travel, there is one thing that you should never forget – a watch. The essence of a watch in your travels can be so big that it can help you maximize your journey to another level. Sticking to schedules is one of the most essential things in travelling because arriving just in time is always one of the best feelings.

And while our personalities vary as individuals, our type of trips also varies in needs and in activities. Needless to say, your watch should be able to keep up with your vacations.

There are several watches that you can choose from depending on your vacation. We list the best 3 watches that you should have in your luggage when travelling.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

The Rolex Sea-Dweller is perfect for the beach, as its name calls it. It is durable enough to handle intense pressures for professional diving. What’s a vacation without experiencing intense water exploits? You surely need a watch that would be ready to take on any adventure that you would have. introduced this watch as the “James Bond” watch since it’s durability under water could be intensely surreal. Totally perfect for catching some under the sea adventures.

IWC Swiss Pilot

Referred to as the quintessential military watch, the IWC Swiss Pilot can take on any adventures in the mountains and field with you. This watch could be your perfect partner during hiking and intense land activities. It’s very tough but at the same time is very laid back in fashion which can easily be paired up with other accessories.

If you’re thinking of going rock climbing to one of your escapade days, treat yourself with a tough watch that can keep up with the possible scratches and rocks that might slip your reach. You know you need one when you see this one.

Apple Watch 4

Of course, travelling is not all about intense activities performance. There would always be a need for some laidback moments where you can just enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to your podcasts. The perfect watch for on-the-go and smart moments is the Apple Watch 4.

Apple has continuously upgraded and evolved their watch that it can keep up easily to your needs close enough to a smartphone. When you need some quick dial to a friend or an easy notification read regarding your flight details, this watch would surely be a must-have.


Watches are staple items, not only for accessory purposes but also for you to enjoy your vacation more without missing anything. Oftentimes, there are instances where you would miss an event or fun just because you didn’t catch the time to be on it.

And while you rely heavily on your smartphone to check the time, it’s not very efficient to pull out that remote-size gadget just to check the time. More so, your smartphone can’t most probably keep up with all your activities. So, do yourself a favor and collect these watches to make the most out of your travels.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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