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The Most Important Night Gear That You May Need When Outdoors

A well prepared trip into the wilderness means having a wonderful time out there. Which largely depends on whether you’ve picked the right gear or not. The journey may have some trials and hardships as you set out for one. To be very specific, night time stay in the wilds needs some extra care to be taken. For that you need to give importance to your gear lists. Here, we would be talking about the most important gear that you may need to have for a wonderful night in the wilderness. So, what are those gears?

Top Night Gears for Outdoor Lovers


A real handy tool for night time in the outdoors because of the lightweight and super functionality. They are very useful for watching the trails and finding the right way when you are out there. In your camping trip, they can help you a lot at night time too. These headlamps are small in size including the batteries and can be kept within pockets with ease. You can use them with maximum comfort and get benefitted during your journey in the wilderness. The headbands are easy to operate even with the chilled hands. Their price range is also very low with lots of options. For around $25, you can have a headlamp that can provide you with 100 lumens powerful light. These headlamps are small in size including the batteries and can be kept within pockets with ease.

Emergency Blanket

These preformed and sleeping bag style sacks can be your life saver as having a good night sleep is really vital when your day time goes with hard and labor some works. To me space blankets can’t give you a comfortable night. These emergency ones are very cool as the wind can’t catch the blanket edges. Also, you don’t come unwrapped when you are using one of them. One very important tip for emergency blanket is that you need to turn the bag inside out during daytime. That’s because these blankets don’t breathe well and need to be dry if you are using it for more than one night. The average price range is about $15 for a good one.


For easy and nutritious food item, you can have bars made out of plums and figs that can boost your energy level and help you sustain that energy. You won’t be needing other items for some time. They help you from having a crash during your journey in the wilds. A true friend for any hiker, camper and outdoor enthusiasts.


A lighter is a very cheap and small tool to have with you. I don’t need to explain the benefits that come with one of these. You know it is super useful. The thing is, you need to keep it inside your pocket or in a place where it can get warm temperature. That will keep it nice and active whenever you need them. You can get them for around $2. Cool stuff, isn’t it?

Knife or Machete

A small knife or short length machete can be the big thing for you if you want a tremendous outing. They are super useful for trail clearing, cutting the bushes, having camp fire woods, making the fire and so on. A machete can also save you from wild animals if any danger may come. So, take one of them with you and you are good to go. You can have a good one for about $50. They are of many types and varieties. So, pick them wisely.

Water Reservoir

If the trip is desert or places where water is hard to get, then a water reservoir of around 3L is a good choice to have with you. You can have it nestled against your back while you are going up and down of hills and mountains. They are a true life saver as water is very important. You can live without foods for some day but without water it is a dead game. They can be bought for around $40. Pretty cheap for such a life saver!

Water Bottle

For a backup, you can have an empty steel bottle with you. This can carry hot water or other beverages for hours without losing the temperatures. Such a handy gear that serves really well. They can hold hot drinks for up to 6 hours and cold ones for up to 24 hours. A good water bottle can cost you about $35.


A good shelling of your body is a must in a windy, stormy or cold weather. Also, the jacket must be very lightweight for you to keep the overall load minimum. They need to be waterproof and easily packable anytime you want. A nice and comfortable jacket is of tremendous value for you. There are various types of them that you can find in the market. You need to get the best options for you as it is your body that we are talking about.

GPS Watch

A watch that comprises with an altimeter, barometer, and compass is of great importance. A GPS watch with all those features is really like mouthwatering to me! I’m not kidding. I have a weak spot for watch, to tell you the truth. They can download and store the maps for you too. Although, most of you may want to get those things done through your smartphone, which is the smart way to do it. But, for me a GPS watch is a must (just love them!).

A Smartphone

Now a day, a smartphone is a must for any outdoor lovers to have with them. For me, that kills the spirit of any outing. I mean, the whole point of going out in the wilds is to keep yourself away from the crowds and all that, isn’t it? Some would say, you don’t get signals every place you go. Which is really funny to me because if you want signals everywhere you go then don’t go outing. Or, if you want to disconnect yourselves from the busy world then don’t carry one with you! Of course, that’s my thoughts on that. I’ve no problems with those who hold different opinions.


If you don’t want to depend on your GPS unit too much, then it’s safe to have a compass with you. It’s a good backup gear for you and has real value. A compass with a built-in sighting line and a signal mirror can be a good choice. Paired with a map of your destination, it’s a complete navigation solution. A good one can cost you around $90.

Water Purifier

A real gem for you. No doubt that it’s a life saver in any situation. I think I don’t need to explain it to you about its importance and necessity. Have some with you, that’s all I would say.

Fire Starter

Another gear of high value is a fire starter. They are super useful for night time and also very good for day time too. Having a fire is always good and what can be of more assist than a fire starter for that? Nothing. Always have some with you and you will thank me later! Very cheap in price.

First Aid Kit

A small and nice first aid kit is a must for you. You will need some gauze pads, duct tape and medical tape, rubber band, some pain killers too. All within a shaver case and you are set for the journey. You can also include some other items according to your necessity but don’t over burden yourself.

Campfire Helper

These are very lightweight and useful for night time stay. They can help you to warm the wet woods and provide some warmth during night for any rough weather situation.

Night & Day Vision Tools

There are some awesome night vision tools that you may have with you. Night vision goggles are really good to have a view of the night to see the predators without their knowledge. Also, you can watch out for them during night time sleep if anything approaches near you. Binoculars and monocular are also good to have your view at day time, watch for trails and other stuff. Various price ranges are there and you can pick according to your need.

There are some other EDC gadgets and tools there. You may have a look and choose the one you like. The items that we’ve discussed above may not be the complete package and many may differ in terms of the choice. All I wanted is to put my experience and choose those items that I would love to have during my trip. Enjoy your outings!

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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