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Banish Those Monday Blues!

Feel rejuvenated and revitalised with 98% pure oxygen infused with uplifting aromas of Pink Grapefruit and Frankincense.

Not only a tonic for the mind, intake a few deep breaths with Boost Oxygen Beauty and you will also see enormous benefits for the body too, keeping skin looking fresh, youthful and wrinkle free, in an all-natural way.

Offering a form of oxygen therapy in a handy portable can, the healing and rejuvenating effects of oxygen have long been known.

Helping to stimulate the body’s natural healing function because it is anti-inflammatory and stimulates collagen production.

From its use in medical scenarios oxygen therapy now has been doing wonders in the world of skin care too, as natures best defence against the signs of aging.

So what’s the secret? Oxygen levels in our skin cells start to naturally decrease, reducing the skins elastic, which allows fine lines and wrinkles to develop.

But with just a few inhalations of Boost Oxygen Beauty enhances the available Oxygen to the skin and contributes towards the repair and regeneration of collagen and elastin tissues in the body.

Enhanced with 100% essential oil aromas of Pink Grapefruit and Frankincense. Each additional aroma enhances the experience for both the body and mind.

Inhaling Frankincense promotes deep breathing and relaxation, as it can clear lungs and reduce inflammation in the airways, helping you to breathe with ease.

Meanwhile the scent of Pink Grapefruit is uplifting, soothing and clarifying. So when inhaled reduces feelings of stress to create a positive mood and feelings of energy. Not to mention helping suppress appetite and boost metabolism!


Put Boost Oxygen Beauty to the test today and see first-hand what wonders it can do for you – Boost Oxygen Beauty, the best kept secret in beauty!

Boost Oxygen Beauty is available to buy online for (6 Litres) £21.99, or (2 Litres) £14.99 from BoostOxygen.

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