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Top 10 Sex Toys For Men

The world of sex toys is wide, varied, and undeniably exciting. It seems like, every couple of months, there’s a new development, a new kind of toy, a new design that incorporates apps or Bluetooth compatibility or targets a new kind of kink.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. Sex toys are amazing because they’re always changing, evolving, and getting better at pleasing you.

However, with so many new kinds of sex toys, finding the right sex toys for men for you (or an important man in your life) can be challenging and confusing.

But we’re here to help!

In this guide, we’re going to help you discover the 10 best sex toys for men. Trust us, there’s a toy on this list that’s perfect at pleasing you!

Finn – Blowjob Machine

Finn is a truly amazing blowjob machine. It uses air suction technology to inhale your member, pulling it into the soft and textured TPE inner sleeve.

The inner penis sleeve is a realistic, 3D inner challenge that moves and vibrates, massaging the delicate skin of your shaft with its bumps and textures.

Finn stands out from other blowjob machines with its innovative “spitting out” function that, combined with its realistic suction, really feels like a woman is giving you a blowjob by sucking in and out, moving along your shaft and massaging it with her lips and tongue.

Remember, you should use a water-based lubricant while using Finn. This won’t just protect the delicate skin of your member from chafing, but it’ll also make the blowjob experience more realistic by replicating the feeling of a woman’s saliva.

If blowjobs are your thing, Finn is a great option to explore!

Find out more about it here.

Sky – Auto Suction Male Masturbator Cup

Another blowjob machine, Sky is a sleek, versatile, and modern sex toy that’ll thrill you with its intensity and many options of play.

Sky has 12 vibrations patterns and 4 suction patterns, giving you plenty of settings and combinations to explore.

Its inner channel stands out due to its tightness. If you can’t get enough of a tight, enveloping grip, this is definitely the toy for you.

With stronger stroking, a tighter grip, and a firmer touch, you can’t beat Sky when it comes to replicating the best blowjob you’ve ever had.

Due to its rumbling vibration and skillful sucking with an included “spitting out” function, Sky stands out as one of the best blowjob machines on the market, allowing you to customize your perfect blowjob experience.

When you use water-based lube, you’ll truly feel like a woman is giving you an expert-level blowjob!

Discover Sky here.

Hayden – Automatic Rotating & Thrusting Male Masturbator

Hayden is an amazing automatic male masturbator that rotates and thrusts in a full 360 degrees.

This automatic stroker stands out from the pack with its advanced suction technology, sucking, spinning, and thrusting to stimulate and massage your penis like nothing else can.

Featuring a sleek, clear design, 7 rotating and thrusting modes, and a textured inner TPE sleeve, Hayden is one of the best male sex toys on this list, hands down.

Find out more about it here.

Nathan- Suction Penis Enlargement Pump

Nathan is an exquisite suction penis pump and a textured sleeve combined into one amazing device.

With 6 sucking modes and 8 pulsing vibrations, Nathan is a realistic oral sex machine that doesn’t just make you feel amazing, it actually exercises your penis and enlarges it!

Nathan comes with a bright display screen that tells you how much air pressure it’s exerting, a flexible and comfortable TPE sleeve, and a transparent, scale-marked cylinder to measure and track the growth of your penis.

Nathan is the perfect combination of a sex toy and a penis pump. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the pleasure of oral sex with the added side effect of getting a bigger penis?

Discover Nathan here.

Gideon – Strong Sucking Masturbation Cup

Gideon is a masturbation cup with a futuristic design that provides a fully customizable experience.

It stands out with its gorgeous transparent design and intense suction and movement. It actually contracts as it sucks, moving in and out to massage your shaft as it sucks it with one of its 5 intense air suction settings.

With 10 vivid vibration modes, this masturbation cup is a versatile penis massager that’s sure to impress you with its amazing movement, flexibility, functions, and the tight grip of its soft, textured sleeve.

Meet Gideon here!

Van – Dual Enhancing Cock Ring

Cock rings are a classic sex toy for men. They wrap around the base of your shaft, constricting blood flow comfortably to make your erections last longer and delay your ejaculation, allowing you to perform better during sex.

Van is a dual cock ring. One of its rings wraps around your shaft, while the other holds your balls. This comfortable fit ensures that you’ll erections will last longer, feel better, and allow you to make your partner feel better for a longer period of time.

With its tiny lifting tail, Van ensures that your penis will always be in the right place and presented in the best way, cradled comfortably upward at the best angle to please your partner!

Get ready to enjoy longer erections, more stamina, and more pleasure by going here!

Kaleb – Remote Control Vibrating & Tapping Prostate Massager

Kaleb is a cock ring that doubles as a powerful prostate massager. It really goes above and beyond.

Kaleb’s cock ring hugs your penis and testicles, giving you more stamina and making your erection last longer.

Its ergonomic shaft targets your prostate with powerful vibrations and tapping, and Kaleb’s external base massages your perineum.

With 3 amazing features, 9 vibration and 9 tapping settings, and a comfortable and ergonomic design, you can’t beat Kaleb for convenience, features, versatility, and pure enjoyment.

With a remote control and a design that allows its vibrations to travel along its length, this toy is perfect for men who love anal play and stimulating their prostate, the secret for the most powerful orgasms for men!

Discover it here!

Dakota – Thrusting Vibrating Prostate & Perineum Massager

Many men have never tried anal stimulation before, especially when it comes to self pleasure.

Reaching back there isn’t exactly convenient, even if that’s where the most powerful male orgasms are hidden.

That’s where prostate and perineum massagers come in, they’re sex toys designed to make solo anal play comfortable, easy, and orgasmic.

Dakota is one of the best of the bunch. It’s a thrusting and vibrating prostate and perineum massager, moving up and down and vibrating powerfully to dig for all that delicious anal pleasure.

With 12 vibrating and thrusting modes, a convenient remote control so you never have to reach back to adjust a setting, and a spring-like pattern designed to stimulate you even more, Dakota is truly a sex toy to be on the lookout for!

Find it here!

Quinn – Wiggle – Motion Vibrating Prostate Massager

Quinn is one of the most exciting sex toys on this list because it features a completely new “wiggle” technology!

This amazing anal massager has 7 wiggle motions that move back quickly, expertly, and exquisitely, targeting your prostate for precise and intense pleasure.

With a completely ergonomic and anatomy-focused design, Quinn feels good to insert, take out, and use!

Quinn doesn’t just massage your prostate, but its textured and contoured base also vibrates to massage your perineum, squeezing out an incredible amount of pleasure out of your backdoor region.

With a convenient and powerful remote control, Quinn is also perfect for couple play. Your partner could control your pleasure from up to 10 meters, making you moan from another room!

Find out how to get Quinn here!

Black Fox – Vibrating Girth Enhancer Cock Rings and Sleeve

Black Fox is truly an amazing and innovative sex toy for men.

It combines some of the best features on this list into one convenient, sleek, ergonomic toy.

Black Fox stands out among all other cock rings with its vibrating penis sleeve. The rings ensure that your erection will last longer and that you’ll have more stamina, while the vibrating and stimulating sleeve pleasures you continuously.

As if that weren’t enough Black Fox also has a clit stimulator on its base. Inspired by a rabbit vibrator’s clit pleaser, this stimulator ensures that you can please your partner even more during penetration.

Black Fox’s penis vibrating penis sleeve also extends the length of your penis, allowing for deeper penetration while pleasing both you and your partner with its vibrations.

The great thing about Black Fox is that you can enjoy it both solo and with your partner, making it a penis massager while solo, and an amazing sex enhancer and partner pleaser when used during intercourse.

Black Fox embodies what you’d want in an ideal sex toy, giving you powerful pleasure and options with 12 vibrating patterns, making you last longer in bed, and upgrading your abilities with a clit stimulator to make your partner feel amazing.

Find out how to get this amazing toy here!


So there you have it! The world of sex toys for men might have seemed confusing before you read this blog, but now you know of the 10 best sex toys for men, and where to buy the best sex toys for men as well!

We wholeheartedly recommend all of the toys on this list and we know that one of them will be the perfect match for you.

Remember, you deserve to feel good, so don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your pleasure.

You owe it to yourself to try at least one of the incredible toys on this list. You’ll be missing out on a wealth of pleasure if you don’t!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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