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4 Lightweight Hobbies Perfect for Travelling

When you’re travelling, it’s easy to assume that the trip is going to do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to occupying your time. You’re surely going to be so busy seeing the sights and sounds of your destination, that you’re not going to have to worry about fending off boredom, right? Well, as ideal as that would be, it might not be true. Coming prepared can prevent this from being a problem, however, and can lead to you enjoying familiar hobbies in an even more relaxing environment.

That being said, when you’re traveling, you have limited space – meaning that especially lightweight hobbies are likely welcome as a solution to this problem.

Mobile Gaming

To those who enjoy gaming, that might have felt like a good way to enjoy the moments of downtime on your trip, but unless your console is a Nintendo Switch, you might struggle to bring across your chosen device without using up most of your packing space. Mobile gaming, then, can feel like the solution to this issue. While the games on this platform might once have been restricted to more simplistic titles, that is an issue that has long been corrected. Now, people looking for a way to spend time through mobile gaming have the options of exclusive high-budget titles, ports of familiar classics, or even exclusive experiences – such as the range of games offered through the best Australian online casino sites. There is a wide level of variety in just the latter option, so when you consider the mobile platform as a whole, you might find that you have more than enough options to see you through the remainder of your trip.


The holiday classic. Having a book to read in an exotic location can somehow further emphasize that element of escapism that the pages before you can offer. Taking this opportunity to get away from screens and immerse yourself in a world or story can not only take you away from the boredom but also create a positive and nostalgic association with this book moving forward, binding it to the wider holiday in your memory. You might even prefer to try and tie your book in with your holiday in some way, looking for the types of books that feel catered to the relaxed reading style of being away from home.

If you’re an especially fast reader, you might run into the problem of this not being such an economic hobby to bring along with you regarding packing space (depending on the length of your trip). Therefore, you might consider the option of a Kindle, and the capability that has for multiple books to be downloaded onto it. Of course, this option isn’t going to be for everyone, and some might feel that this loses what makes reading a physical book special, especially if you’re trying to use this as an opportunity to take breaks from screens.

Music, Podcasts and Audio Books

When it comes to the actual travel itself, such as the time spent on the plane to reach your destination, these audio solutions are what a lot of people resort to. They offer ambient ways of passing the time, and are incredibly varied by nature – all while being conveniently stored on your phone. What often appeals to people about this as a pastime is that you can do other things while listening. While in the case of audio books, you might want to be slightly more engaged so that you can keep up with where the story is going, music and podcasts are often ideal accompaniments to chores or other tasks. This means that walking around or exploring when on holiday might be an activity completed by adding headphones.

Art and Writing

Rather than consuming creative works, however, you might prefer to try your own hand at expressing yourself. Taking a pad of paper and some pens and pencils are all you need, but you might find this to be an incredibly therapeutic and relaxing way to spend your downtime on holiday. Many people can run into blocks here and there while doing this because they’re unsure of what direction they should go in, or they’re worried about it not being as good as it could be. It’s important to remember that nobody has to see what you ultimately end up drawing or writing, and it doesn’t have to go any further than you getting down ideas to have fun with.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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