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Trends In Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most common practices within the house’ owners. And the reason is not that the design of the kitchen can be out of date but because it’s one of the most regularly used areas of the house and from time to time you need to refresh it.Here we gather the most interesting and modern ideas of how to make your kitchen look attractive without sacrificing its functionality. These trends are very easy to implement in any environment (or at least to find some tips you can use even with a small budget).

Invisible borders

If you have a studio or you are planning to rearrange the house to the open-space kitchen, you need to know some secrets about how to make this zone part of the common area while still separating it. Today you can find numerous options starting from the transparent dividers and special furniture and ending with the distinguishing interior of the kitchen. The main aspect you need to consider is that in all cases you need to make sure that the cooking area is matching the overall design of the house.

It’s easier than you may think. Just small accents all around the house can create a unique and very cozy atmosphere. One of the examples is wooden panels which you can use both for practical and decorative purposes. They can be a suitable option almost for all kinds of the interior while you still can choose between various options of colors and factures.   Living plants also can underline that the kitchen is an essential part of the house. The main issue in this regard is to find a proper place where the plants can be kept far away from the heat while still being part of the interior.

Another challenge with open-kitchens is to create invisible borders which will show that this area is for cooking only. Many design projects offer to choose different colors or the materials for the floor and walls. Another interesting option is to create a face which will work both for the division and for the cooking purposes – a small working place where you can also hide equipment and cutleries.


This is one of the design options you will never lose with. As we are spending plenty of time in the kitchen, it should create a relaxing atmosphere. Fresh air, spacious area, simple colors and shapes – all of this can be a part of a minimalistic interior. On the other hand, minimalism is never a synonym for boring. While the furniture itself can be in strict shapes you can add original lighting and cutleries. Colors are another part of the deal. You can move away from traditional light options and choose the main theme of your kitchen within pink, red, purple, green and many other bright colors (which would be too “heavy” in other kitchen remodeling designs). Perfect choice is two main colors you can play with while making important accents in the interior.

Minimalism also can be found in detail. You can find cabinets without handlers but with original milling. It will not affect the convenience of the daily usage of the doors but will make the overall furniture look tidier. As a benefit, you will forget about small accidents which metal handlers can cause in the busy kitchen environment.

If you are choosing the minimalistic design for the kitchen, you need to follow up on all the decorative elements – they should not be too flashy, and the table and chairs must be in harmony with the colors and texture of the whole room. 

Natural approach

In our daily life most of the time we are spending in an urbanistic environment. And adding some touches in the nature theme can help to create a truly unique experience for all the family. It’s not a very difficult design project. The main feature of the naturalistic kitchen is the usage of the wood, marble, stones and other simple materials. It’s a common mistake to think that such materials will require additional care – today they are covered with special protection which makes them live long and keep attractive for a long period of time.   Some examples of this kind of interior can be found in fully wooden furniture including the table, chairs, all the cabinets plus some decorative wooden panels all around the kitchen area. To keep the original atmosphere, you should avoid the usage of the traditional handlers while they can be easily replaced by the modern hidden options. 

Glass doors and separators can add extra light and space into the kitchen. Here you should also pay attention to the natural materials unless they can fulfill their roles. Thus, aluminum frames are the easiest solution to keep the balance between natural and practical approach if you are willing to have full-wall sliding glass doors.   The choice of the wood nowadays is really impressive if you want to decorate the kitchen. You can even find a great combination of different wooden materials as soon as they are looking well and in harmony with each other. Walnut with its elegant color choice will immediately switch your traditional kitchen into a place you are willing to be. Beside the attractiveness, this wood will provide you with solidity and durability which is extremely helpful for the cabinets we are using on a daily basis.  

Marble is one more chance you can deal with the natural components in your kitchen. Of course, artificial stone tables are more affordable and can be found in a wider variety of colors and textures, but a real marble table will easily become the luxurious center of the room. Moreover, you should not worry about its attractive look – with proper care such a table will serve you many years.Besides the materials themselves, you can also make an accent on the natural colors of the kitchen. Noble brawn, green, beige and gray can add extra charm, especially when surrounded with plants and flowers. Here is one tint – if you want your kitchen to look even more realistic and close to nature, you can add some artificial floral patterns on the surfaces. Just need to make sure that they are not overweighting the overall interior.

Colorful paradise

Colors are strongly affecting our mood and behavior. In the kitchen, where we need to take extra care, it’s essential to create a fully comfortable and convenient atmosphere. Here you don’t need to follow the modern tendencies but need to feel that these particular colors you are planning to use for the kitchen remodeling will match your personality and will not cause tiredness and depression.  Contrast is one more line you can follow. Playing with the opposite tints and colors will give you a lot of space for creativity – you can add specific decorative elements on a regular basis without spoiling the overall idea of the interior but making it complete and more sophisticated.

Today you can choose the kitchen set up within hundreds and even thousands of the colors and shades, making the harmonic and relaxing combination of them and small details. Traditionally, light colors help to create a cozier environment but also the lighting can have a great value. For example, golden and silver touch ups can help to turn the boring cooking working place to a nice and attractive room where you are willing to spend time. But you should not only follow the classical points of view. If you are feeling comfortable within purple or even black shades, you should definitely try this kind of colorful interior in your kitchen.

Modern tenderness

Kitchen is not a place anymore just to make the meals. Many families prefer to have lunch and dinner in the kitchen, and that is why you should create a truly wonderful atmosphere here while it still should be suitable for the daily routine. Art-deco is one of the most interesting and intriguing examples of how you can arrange this. Columns and supports, pedestals and cornices, plenty of glass decorative elements, golden touches – you can find many more options to free your imagination and to make the kitchen remodeling a truly piece of art. Such a remodeling of the kitchen requires a proper planning and projecting as all the components are essential and in most of the cases should be inbuilt before you are equipping the room.  If you are planning to implement such a complex concept, you need to adjust the equipment and furniture accordingly. Thus, the massive white fridge you moved from your previous house will look inappropriate in such an interior and most probably you should expect some additional spending on this kind of item.  

To make the kitchen look tidier, you should consider implementing the inbuilt equipment, which will be hidden and covered when you are not using it while you still will not have any inconvenience to keep it on hand. Additionally, to the esthetical benefits, you can save some extra space which is essential during the family meals.  

Remodeling of the kitchen has the main purpose of refreshment and keeping the aria in a good condition. But you should not ignore the possibility to arrange some useful changes both in regard to the ergonomics and the design. Especially if you are planning to purchase new equipment, it makes sense to put this plan into the project already today to make all the processes smoother and less time-consuming. And the best idea in this regard is to apply for the professional assistance of the rebuilding and remodeling companies which can not only adjust your requirements to the project but also advise you on how to make the space you have more valuable and practical. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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