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Virtual Number – How Can You Use It?

Virtual SMS numbers are another step towards reliable protection of your data. To understand exactly how a temp number protects privacy and cybersecurity, it’s worth first knowing where your number goes after you register with it on a particular platform.

Why do websites require your phone number?

Almost not every site and app forces users to go through the verification procedure. It is useful for platforms: they form the most complete and informative database possible, tying the user to the phone number, his preferences, and other collected information. Marketers can spend less money on target audience research and get better insights. After that, you get a lot of push notifications and wonder how companies know so much about you.

Meanwhile, technicians protect their services against the creation of malicious bots and multi-accounts. So websites and apps keep hunting for every mobile number, but it’s not always helpful for customers.

How to use a virtual number instead of a real one?

You can buy a virtual SIM card in OnlineSim. To do this, you need to take just a few steps:

  1. Register in OnlineSim. This can be done quickly: through social networks.
  2. Order a one-time number or a virtual SIM card with extended functionality.
  3. Use a virtual number for your needs.

As soon as an SMS with a confirmation code or other data arrives at the virtual number, it will appear in your OnlineSim profile. Free receive SMS from any country and from any service. It is extremely simple.

When should you keep your real number a secret?

You may have any reason to receive online SMS instead of regular messages. In most cases, it is required for several purposes:

  • Anonymous registration. Privacy has become a rare commodity, especially on the Internet. Therefore, the use of virtual numbers takes users back to the era when all web surfing was safe.
  • For an extra account registration. If you already have an Instagram account, but you need another one, you can buy a new number and register with it. However, it is easier and much cheaper to use a disposable phone number for this.
  • Protection from promo notifications. While marketers hunt for your wallet, you can protect yourself from spam and pushy offers with a temporary mobile.

Receive only the SMS you need, and only when you want to. OnlineSim will take care of the rest.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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