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What Are The Different Types Of Kratom Powder Available Online?

A vast diversity can be seen in the world of kratom strains. Therefore, a beginner can get confused looking at the wide range of kratom strains offered by different kratom brands. The good thing is that it comes in different forms on the online market. You can find products like kratom powder for sale, capsules, and extract on the internet.

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Different Types Of Kratom Strain Powders

But, before knowing the different types of popular kratom strain powders available on the market, you must know the variety of kratom strains we will discuss here. Also, if you are a beginner, you must understand that consuming kratom powder should be done with caution. You must maintain the recommended dose, just like the prescribed drugs you often take.

An Overview of Kratom Strains

Kratom is an herbal compound and a potential supplemental dietary product. People used to take it in leaf form and chew them to reap maximum benefits. All the strains of kratom have come from a similar kratom tree, mitragyna speciosa, which can be found in different nations in Southeast Asia.

But now, it is available in capsule, powder, and extract forms. Every kratom strain has unique characteristics, and their effects entirely depend from person to person. Generally, three main types of popular Borneo kratom strains are there, which can be distinguished by the kratom colors of the kratom leaves.

Different Strains Of Kratom

The world of kratom for sale has offered a diverse range of varieties regarding its strains. Some of them are named after their origin, while a few other strains do not carry the name of their original place.

Every strain has characteristics that separate them from each other, thanks to good manufacturing practices. They come from mitragyna speciosa or the Kratom plant, a native herbal kratom plant.

Borneo Strains

  • It is a popular kratom which is mainly harvested in Borneo. Earlier, it was named Bali kratom due to the same reason.
  • It is considered a relaxing kratom-for-sale strain that might be suitable for pain relief and mood enhancement.

Maeng Da Kratom

  • Maeng da kratom is still among the most potent prescription medication strains. The origin of this particular strain is Thailand and southeast parts of Asia, which later gained popularity in neighboring countries.
  • The name ‘Meang da’ mainly refers to ‘pimp grade,’ an everyday slang in Thailand. People mostly buy Maeng da Thai kratom as it provides intense effects when taken at even a smaller dose.

Types of Kratom Veins Available

All the strains get their color when they go through drying and fermentation. Three vein colors are available: white vein kratom, green vein, and red vein.

Among them, most young kratom leaf fall under the category of the white vein. On the contrary, the red vein kratom is identified by the maturity of the leaves.

Ways To Consume It

We have seen a dramatic rise in the emerging kratom industry because of its availability of versatile strains. Though most people consume kratom tea as their morning-boosting drink, an individual can also have it in other forms.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom Capsules are considered an ideal option for all who do not wish to consume the product in a concentrated form.

They might help to treat, cure, or prevent several health conditions like depression, inflammation, pain, and so on. But these claims are not scientifically proven.


Kratom users mostly prefer to buy kratom products like kratom gold shots, in their powdered form as it is very convenient. You can buy kratom powder, mainly fine dust, from the leaves of kratom trees, and it might get maximum benefits.


Kratom extract is one of the most concentrated versions of the strain. So, you can buy them online if you are okay with having them raw. But ensure it does not have heavy metals.

Multiple Types Of Kratom Powder For Sale

As there is no limit to learning new things, you can always acquire knowledge about this magical herb. Hence, this section will discuss the different kinds of kratom powder directly coming from kratom plants.

You may find differently-named strains of kratom whenever you purchase kratom online, with or without free shipping. The physical characteristics of kratom powder mainly depend on where they have been harvested and where it is grown.

Each kratom powder possesses different properties, making them different from each other. So, before buying kratom products online, you must know about each variety of kratom powder to have a maximum satisfaction guarantee.

Green Vein Powder

It is a type of kratom powder that is produced from green strains. It can be the perfect choice for those who wish to go the middle road option as it combines white and red. This particular kratom powder comes from the leaves, which have medium-level maturity.


When it comes to potency, you need to know that it is a better option for everyone. This kratom powder offers subtle effects on your body, yet it can last longer.

It might have some calming effects, giving you euphoric effects if taken at a higher dose. This powder is considered one of the most accepted kratom powders by the community because of its mild effects.


The powder’s effects entirely depend on how much kratom dosage you consume. However, 5-6 grams of this kratom powder is enough to diagnose and treat cure.

However, some factors are there that determine the dose you must consume. You can start with 3 grams of the product if you are a beginner.

Red Vein Powder

This kratom powder for sale is produced from one of the most potent and mature strains. It offers more sedative effects than its counterparts because it comes from most mature kratom trees. This fine powder has a unique alkaloid profile, making it one of the most potent kratom products.


This high-quality kratom powder is for those who wish to get strong effects that might be suitable for pain relief and mood enhancement. This powder’s results will last longer, even if taken in a shallow dose.

So, it offers the maximum potency because it goes through an extensive drying process. An individual can buy this kratom product to boost their productivity level.


The effects you will get majorly depend on the dosage you take. So, the dosage you should take varies from person to person based on multiple factors.

However, you can start your journey with 3 grams of this powder, and you must observe if you are experiencing any changes. After that, you can up the dosage limit to see what works best.

White Vein Kratom Powder

White vein powder has gained popularity as it is the highest quality kratom powder compared to other counterparts. The powder is produced from the crushed leaves when they are generally at their immature stage.

It is a much better kratom powder, which is very hard to find. In addition, kratom sellers or brands sell this powder at a high price as it is rare. But, it would help if you did not underestimate this powder by thinking that it is less potent.


The white vein powder has come from the white strain harvested in its early stage. For this reason, it contains the highest mitragynine content compared with other themes available on the market.

It may contain some energy-boosting properties like caffeine, which might increase your energy. Remember, it might be too potent for someone who is a beginner. However, you can take it to experience a mild euphoric effect.


Like every powder, it is hard to tell you the correct dosage. So, please discover it by yourself to get your desired results. However, you can first test if you experience any changes in your body after taking 3 grams of this powder. Then, wait a few minutes to understand if it will work for you or if you need to up the dosage.

Yellow Vein Powder

Yellow vein powder is the newer kratom powder available on the market. It is said that this particular powder has been produced using a unique drying process. Many people believe that the extensive drying process can be the reason behind the distinct yellow color of this powder.


It has higher potency because it combines white and red vein powders. But, there is little information available as it is new in the market.


You can start your journey with 1-2 grams of this kratom use to understand your potency level. After that, depending on your potential, you might take 4-5 grams at a time.

Final Thoughts

With free shipping, you can find multiple types of kratom powders online, solely in their form or in capsule form. But, before that, you must check if it is legal in your state to avoid future consequences and enjoy exceptional customer service. kratom community,

Though the American kratom association is working hard to restore complete consumer access to kratom, FDA has not approved kratom as a dietary supplement. Hence, it is banned in Rhode Island, San Diego, etc. But you may get the best kona kratom online via a reliable vendor like clarity kratom. The Kratom strain from southeast Asia does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any ailment.

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